Water or rather lack of water

Okay, hello to all. Is there anyone out there who can answer a question for me.

While I am here in the UK on holiday my daughter and grandson are watering my vegetable patch and greenhouse with water from our very deep well, which is pumped up the hoses. Now the water is on our land, as is the pump, but some people are telling me that here (or rather there) in the Morbihan there is a total ban and that even if the water is from a private source you cannot use a hose there will be a fine. This does not make sense to me as everything is contained on my land and I do not believe I am lowering the water table by watering the garden twice a day. If they are worried about the water table perhaps they should stop planting so much corn or aliment. I have corn in my garden which I bought from Kokopelli and I so much want it to grow to eat it ourselves.

Thank you.

Jane is right Patsie every commune is different. I know this is not useful to you, but for anyone in Poitou-Charentes here is the website http://info.eau-poitou-charentes.org/ showing the arreteā€™s. If anyone knows of any of the other department sites maybe they could list them here too.

We are in Saone-et-Loire and also have water restrictions and a deep well. We are allowed to water from the well from 18.00 hrs to 10.00 hrs, but not at all on Saturday!
You will need to look at the details of the Arrete for your departement to get a definitive answer.