Water pressure

Hi the low water pressure in my kitchen is causing my dishwasher not to clean properly, I know that there is alot of calcium in the water and this may be clogging things up. is there anything I can do to correct this?

Thank you

A water softener perhaps (not cheap though).

My water supply was so bad when i bought this house i paid to have a bigger pipe laid from the road down to the house. That was 23 yrs ago it was very expensive as i have a long drive but was thé only solution.

Hi thanks, can I buy in supermarkets ? and whats it called.



I was referring to something like this - not cheap as I said, but a long term solution if calcaire is a problem.


Before spending money…
how sure are you that there is a problem caused by calcaire… are there “works” going on locally which might have reduced the pressure… ??

Is the pressure OK/normal elsewhere in the property ??

Do you have a pressure reducing valve fitted along the interior water supply? We had a similar problem and it was the valve that was ‘bunged’ up. A new valve sorted the problem.

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And also have you checked that you haven’t just got a dirty filter in the dishwasher…?.

Dishwashers are like washing machines - they fill, then heat then clean/rinse - they don’t bung the plates under a tap.

If its slow filling (and your taps run slow) it’ll be water pressure - otherwise as above fii
lter or just bunged up/knackered

It’s not the filter, it’s definitely a change in water pressure

Time for a new dishwasher then, standard is for machine to top up to correct level before advancing to next stage. Low pressure will just affect the time to finish.

How old is the dishwasher… and are you using the same dishwasher tablets/whatever as you have always done… ??

[quote=“Angela_Grzywacz, post:11, topic:32804, full:true”] it’s definitely a change in water pressure

Is that on all of your taps too? If it is, it’s probably the pressure reducing valve on the incoming mains supply

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Yes I think it’s on all the taps we noticed a drop in pressure on the shower recently

Our experience was the same as Joyce’s. The water had been turned off in the village and that let rubbish come down the pipe and bung up the pressure reducing valve. Suggest you get someone to check yours.

The dishwasher is quite new the problem began in my previous dishwasher and I thought it was because it was old so I brought a new one and the problem is still the same

I bought my British salt water softener in 2007 at the end of a trip to UK - secondhand - from a bloke in a carpark (service station M25) - pouring with rain- for £100. Put in boot of car, drove back here, fitted it (easy) and have had soft water ever since. Would never have a house without one.

I bought a scale inhibitor from Screwfix and had it fitted to our water inlet.

Thank you I will certainly try one of these as we have a big problem with calcium build up