Water tank

As I think I’ve mentioned before, I have a well and pump water into a concrete storage tank, afterwhich it feeds the house etc. I inspected the inside of the tank at the weekend and must say, I was a little surprised by the condition :scream: I’m now thinking of giving the tank a ‘good’ clean out and thought the most efficient way of refurbishing it would be to refinish the internal cement surface with some kind of paint.

I’d be really interested to hear if anyone has done anything similar i.e. painted the inside of a water storage tank, and if so, what they may have used etc :+1: :+1:

would Saur provide you any advice on that?

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Good point - in fact I have a fosse inspection mid July so will remember to ask the person - sure it wont be their area of expertise but hopefully they could advise an appropriate contact. A good avenue to investigate! Thanks :+1:

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Look here peinture apres cuvelage - Google Suche
something might help

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remind me… do you draw drinking water out of this storage tank??

To date, I haven’t used the water for drinking, but thinking I might get it tested at some point to see if that’s possible. And that’s actually another reason to clean out and refresh the tank.

We painted a narrowboat tank some years ago. You can get paint for potable water tanks.

The term you might google for is ‘tanking’. It covers both holding water in and out of a vessel.

UK source of materials to do this for potable water

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Cuvelage is the word