Watershed moment for Macron's France?

(Paul Flinders) #21

Bien sûr :slight_smile:

(stella wood) #22

Hmm… in 2007, I said that Sarkozy would win (although I knew nothing of his politics) … I based my prediction on the simple fact that he was the best-looking candidate on the billboards… and he did win… :zipper_mouth_face::thinking:

(Bob Wilkinson) #23

Whichever side you take, this crisis is clearly not going to just fizzle out. It is particularly deplorable that the President has chosen not to appear on TV himself to reassure the French people at this time of intense anxiety and prefers to use his Prime Minister instead as a shield against the very real criticism of his policies.

(Peter Bird) #24

Just to remind everyone that the majority didn’t vote for Macron. They/we voted to prevent Marine le Pen from taking power.

(stella wood) #25

Absolutely… it was just coincidence that he happened to be the better looking of the two… :zipper_mouth_face:

(Peter Goble) #26

Ooo gender bias, Stella? :thinking::grinning:

(stella wood) #27

Ha ha… Peter… see my previous post about when Sarkozy won… just how it goes, I guess… :wink: how else do people decide who to vote for… :thinking:

(Peter Goble) #28

True, Stella, too true. There was a time when statemanship mattered over looks: Atlee, Wilson, Thatcher (who had dominatrice appeal for a certain kind of fellow), Heath (gulp), Brown… :thinking:

As the old Yorkshire saying goes, “there’s trimmins fer ev’ry 'at!” :wink:

(Ann Coe) #29

Not forgetting also ‘there’s nowt as queer es folk’ :roll_eyes:

(Jane Williamson) #30

It still matters in this house.
I can see Dominic Grieve giving the necessary leadership at the moment.