We always wanted chickens

tony and i always wanted chickens...is this us in another 20 years...?

i'm sure one of the lovely ladies or gents in the knitting group would be able to oblige ron!... it sure is a classic x t

I want one of those Woolies!

Yes, this will be you in 20 years. And not only chickens, you will have knitted every garment you are wearing as well. As I write this my brand new, never used, gorgeous, expensive, nearly killed us, kitchen has been taken over by an incubator and a box containing a lamp, 3 chicks and a fluffy lion (mum). Because he can't let nature take its course and let the little buggers hatch out under their mothers. We have ducks too, and geese... been here 10 years. Born in a town, lived in a town, will die in the country. Oh well, back to the knitting.

thanks all - i think it's a stunnin gpicture on so many levels and made me very happy - sorry @steve for raiding your photo abum

i should add that my 4 little girls made it through the night and were asleep this morning when i opened the house for a peek


I would just like to know how you got the picture of me and the Mrs.

Don't fight it, let it happen!!! I never thought about chickens until a duck found his way into our orchard and stayed, so we bought him some girlies, and once you have ducks, why not have chickens, then one day a goose was dropped off by a mystery bearded man (strange things happen in our village), but we never go short on eggs now!

strange place france - there's people like james who does chilli oil eyewashes, we could go on...

I'm going that way to !!!


Well rural France can have that effect on people...