We Americans Love Everything French

All of our news in Washington is about the visit of French President Hollande. Jackie Kennedy was also obsessed by France. Are we Americans the only ones with this obsession? Here is a link to the White House Website with pictures of his visit. Hollande's Visit to the U.S.

It's the French version which you are quoting. Wikipedia on French involvement in the American Revolutionary War is not so generous particularly in respect of the competence of the French Military. Savannah was a disaster, the Battle of the Chesapeake was inconclusive except that it prevented the British from supporting Cornwallis at Yorktown, so he was forced to surrender and that was it.

As for George Washington, who as you put it "resigned in 1758", Wikipedia has a different view


Read "Rochambeau, Washington's Ideal Lieutenant, A French General's Role in the American Revolution" by Jini Jones Vail (ISBN 978-1-59571-602-6). A few quotes from the Foreword by Reverend Jacques Bossiére that may shed some light on the war based on research, repeat research. I quote from the Forward…"But how many Americans in our country know their history well enough to pass it along to the next generation? Two hundred years ago America's sovereignty would have amounted to little more than the Declaration of Independence, a glorious achievement in itself but ultimately meaningless had it not been supported by a military campaign.

The British navy had conquered the seas, and the king of England, George III, was in full control of the colonies. The Americans who were faithful to the British tradition in America were still a majority in the thirteen states. The 1776 Declaration of Independence,…was a powerful warning that America…longed for freedom. King Louis XVI made a decision that shocked the old courts of Europe. He placed his best general under the authority of a foreigner who had never presented his credentials to the most powerful leader in Europe…and instead relied on the recommendation of a very young Lafayette.

It was the Court of Versailles, with the full support of the Court of Spain, that suggested the brilliant and final solution…to send, under Admiral De Grasse, a French fleet big enough to defeat the powerful British navy at Chesapeake Bay. The British were forced to retreat to New York City, opening the way to defeat Cornwallis in Virginia. So went the saga of the road to American independence and the truly extraordinary victory at Yorktown, Virginia, on October 19, 1781." End of quote.

I don't even want to comment on George Washington, slave owner. Washington made more tactical errors than most officers in the Virginia militia…and resigned in 1758…and went back to Mount Vernon. Quitter.

I really must get out more! Can't remember even seeing my wife or sister in a dress in years.

Do women still wear dresses? Except possibly on formal occasions?

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In the states it is taught and thought that the US entry into the European theater of WWII was what saved Europe's bacon and won the war. Funny also is there is little recognition anywhere of the Russians, for it was the Russian front that ultimately broke Germany's military might and turned the war. Had Hitler not reneged on his non-aggression pact with Russia, the course of WWII would have been much different. As Howard and Norman note, the victors write the history.

Ha ha, yes Jerry supposed to be fashion capital of the world, I don't think so...a lot of French men I know where socks with flip flops!! Very disappointed to see Michelle's dress. How depressing, I'm going to tick her off my role model list right now! :-)

I remember when Blair's wife went to an Asian Businesswoman's dinner and she was the only one out of 200 women who was wearing a sari! At least Michelle's dress was big enough for her to hide in!

No excommunication cate, though I thought your comment 'that dress is definitely a crime against aesthetics. doesn't the presidential budget run to mirrors? or someone to say 'er ur bum looks big in that luv' could only have been made by a woman. Men are rarely that personal. We will agree to disagree on the idea of a body of women supporting eachother....what were you doing in the 70's?

the comment wasnt aimed specifically at you cate. The thread I had been on, that Finn sent to me had about 50 negative comments from women and one from a man. The men were making comments about Flamby...or his suit....non about Michelle.... I have always believed that women wear makeup and dress for other women as men dont really notice that much. I dont think that the idea of women being supportive of other women twaddle cate.

The French helped the US…? Really? There were more, repeat MORE, French solders and navy fighting in the war than rag-headed americans. Name one battle where this is false, Savannah, Chesapeake, Virginia, New York? The French won this war. Period.

Yes, you are so right Catherine. It will also be fun to see what take "Les Guignols" will have on the visit. Haven't had a chance to watch them the last couple of nights though.


I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder...whether that is a dress or a face....tbh if someone is wearing something they feel beautiful in, then most of the time, they look confident and great. The first lady is a lot more than a beautiful woman.....as an aside, why is it usually women who criticise women? guess there is no such thing as 'the sisterhood'.

Ive seen the dress online described as 'a tablecloth' another comment was 'a pool liner'...personally I think she looks stunning as always.

I thought that I might add some fluff to this discussion. Since France is suppose to be the fashion capital of the world, I thought I would add a link describing Michelle Obama's dress at the State dinner! Michelle's Dress


Divided by an ocean or implementation of the same ideology? Thanks for sharing this, just trying to understand the meaning here.

There are enough people to write history books and accounts who are more concerned with the facts. You only have to look at those who are involved in our present wars who will stop at nothing to make sure that those at home know exactly what is happening, warts and all. You dont have to be a detractor...just realistic and aware of your own countries faults, which I think if you take a poll on this thread you will find everyone here is.


History is propaganda. If you are writing the history, you want to show your country in the best light. I've read accounts of the Battle of Waterloo in English, German and French. The British say they won with a little help from the Prussians at the end. The German version said that the Prussians won with a little help from the British. The French denied that Napoleon was defeated and stated that he just made a strategic withdrawl, i.e. it was a draw.

Remember the quotes from 1984. "He who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past, controls the future"