'We are being abandoned': Britons in EU on the Brexit deal vote

As retirees if there is No Deal our healthcare is uncertain as the agreement ends.
If Article 50 is extended we will be OK until whatever else happens and then we will have to wait and see what ‘they’ come up with.
We do not seem to be viewed as British citizens deserving of worth, although we were promised at the start of all
these shennanigans that Citizens’ Rights were their priority.
This is immoral.

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Or was this her cunning plan …?

Mark, I’ve been saying this since she became PM, she voted remain and I can’t believe she’s changed her mind.

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Maybe deep down she hasn’t, but she is like so many others, TM comes first.

Okay Jane, what should she do?

The old adage comes to mind “It’s better to be in the tent pissing out than outside the tent pissing in”!


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I[quote=“arthurmcbride, post:7, topic:24022, full:true”]
The old adage comes to mind “It’s better to be in the tent pissing out than outside the tent pissing in”!

I have a forlorn image of a crowded marquee with all the guests unable to get to the portaloo and pissing down their legs on to the sodden, trampled grass and squashed paper cups… :joy:

Merci Stella

Late reply, but just getting over a cataract operation, and catching up. I think Jane that ‘morality and politics’ are rarely to be seen together, and I for one have not forgotten Iain Duncan Smith stating that Pensions should only be paid to pensioners in the UK, and he is one of the bggest anti-EU mouths.
Having lost my own Australian pension by exactly that action, some 15 years ago and ditto for my wife a few years later) we were indeed financially stranded with no recourse - morally or legally, so I have no faith at all in UK Brexiteer politicians having any qualms whatsoever about cancelling UK pensions to non-UK résidents. Fortunately as my wife is French and after a long haul of waiting an extra five years she finally got a French pension, and I got a small part-pension from the first ten years of my working life in the UK, which is what we live on.
As this is a stated position by a senior Tory Brexiteer, and with the continued aggression shown by Leave supporters agaist everything ‘EU’, sorry to say but I wouldn’t be too confident about the outcome.
However I honestly don’t think the French would unilaterally dump British expats, and although there would undoubtedly be a cost involved upwards of 2 million résidents without cover would be a tasty marketing opportunity for the French healthcare insurance market, so I am sure offers would abound very quickly, plus the EU rules on healthcare would also still apply I am sure - although I don’t know chapter and verse on this. Whether residency would apply as an alternative status would seem a possibility but I don’t know, but I have seen no anti-British feelings so far in official circles despite a lot of provocation from across the Channel.

ON the other side imagine the situation if 2 Million current expats decided to return to the UK?
Mainly Pensioners requiring health and accommodation etc. from an already overstretched NHS? That thought might exercise a few minds even from the most fervent Europe-haters.

Or would it?

I have never heard anyone in Parliament even mentioning ‘Project Fear’ of UK being invaded by ex-pat pensioners going to break a creaking NHS.

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There are 2 sides to that though. Presumably if hoards of ex-pat pensioners did return, the NHS would save a considerable amount of money by treating them inhouse rather than being billed by France and other EU health services for the cost of treating them. So long term the NHS should benefit. But in the short term obviously it would put pressure on facilities, and the fact of being able to fund more staff is not much help if they can’t recruit them.

The big strain on the NHS is dealing with patient numbers (although it is impossible to detach that from money) so the U.K. government would have to be prepared for a mass immigration of entitled pensioners band invest the money in improving the NHS infrastructure sooner rather than later.
Is anybody here really thinking about returning to after Brexit because they believe that life here will be impossible!