We are paying for our own health cover

Most of you are either retired with health cover which is covered by UK.
And with CPAM.
Many of the rest of you are still of working age and paying costistations and therefor
covering for your own health care/carte vital support.
But there are some of you like me who retired here several years back and are
paying cotistations and in the system with Ram and RSI.
Therefore we are not utalising our right to health cover…
Should we receive compensation!!!

but… are you claiming your right to health cover?

If you are a UK pensioner. do you have an S1 and are you fully integrated into the french tax system?

We don

We don’t have an OAP so no S1 and we don’t work here either. We pay all our cotisations and mutuelles ourselves out of our private pensions.

Fully integrated in the tax system…yes.

S1 I think when we first came over. We have an accountant …French of course.

If I’ve understood correctly, your point is that if you didn’t work you would be entitled to an S1.
But you chose to work, therefore you are not entitled to an S1. You knew that when you made the choice. Why would you be compensated for a right you chose to forfeit?
It’s like saying, if I still lived in Wales I would be entitled to a free bus pass because I’m over 60, but I haven’t got a free bus pass (because I don’t live in Wales any more) so am I entitled to compensation?

Put cake on plate, eat it, see how much is left?

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A lot will depend on your age. As you have been working in France and if you are of pensionable age the French will administer your pension and health cover. They will liaise with the UK authorities. Speak to your accountant.

not exactly asking to claim compensation…but by living here and conducting business and fore going my right to health cover …owed to me because I paid all the taxes.

I am thinking that UK would have a moral obligation to protect my future…seeing that I was denied my right to vote to stay in Europe…

Moral issue Anna.

Where are the moral obligations to those of us who left…fending for themselves?

Not so sure that this will happen

now. The Brexit exit negotiations will not be kind to ex pat brits.

This is not an accountants job…this is related to the gov of France and UK
working together to find new solutions.

Sorry Barbara, but I don’t see any moral issue beyond individuals being willing to take responsibility for their own decisions. If the UK had sent you to France then I agree it would have had a moral obligation to protect your future here. But it didn’t. You chose your own future; you chose to move to France because, presumably,you saw greater advantages in doing so, than the advantages you saw if you stayed in the UK, You’ve enjoyed those advantages. You pays your money and takes your choice. Having chosen, eaten and enjoyed your, say, Swiss Roll, you can’t now put the empty Swiss Roll box back on the shelf and pick up a Victoria Sponge instead.

I know Brexit is not a thing any of us could have foreseen, and I’m as unsettled about it as the next man or woman, but I accept that whatever life throws up I’m responsible for my own future. I’ve never believed that the world; or the UK, or France, owes me a living. No doubt eventually we will have options to choose from, and we’ll just have to choose whichever seems most palatable.


No, you chose to live and work in France and have become integrated into the ‘French system’. If you are now wanting to retire your pension will be administered by France who will liaise with the UK. That’s the way it works. Your accountant will advise you.


I have a similar problem for the Carte Vitale for my companian. She is US/Italian so she is entitled to the CPAM services. I won’t go into the details, but right now she (well I did) obtained a ‘temporary’ Number from the CPAM whilst awaiting her Carte Vitale proper. This is accepted at the Doctors and all the rest, for a year (I guess that’s how long they think they will take!)
This ‘provisoire’ certificate entitles you to PAY for the treatment but be reimboursed by sending in the form given to you by the Doctor - Pharmacy etc…We haven’t actually tried it, but our local CPAM guy says it will work…I told him ‘I preferred a Carte Vitale - please get on with it!’

If you’ve worked and paid contributions in the EU State in which you are resident then that state is your competent state for healthcare and will administer your pension if you’re still living here when you claim it. If you return to the UK then the UK will cover your healthcare as you’ve also paid contributions there. I don’t understand your logic - you can only have one competent state at a time.

I understand my logic!

I have perhaps, you may say surrendered my right to use my health cover…as I have chosen to pay for it through the French cotistation system by working for a number of years beyond retirement age and therefor not costing the UK government the price of taking care of medication bills…etc.

My choice of course but not causing either country any problem as I am supporting myself as I have been all my life.

You have used exactly the right words, ‘your choice’. Nobody forced you to work after retirement, especially in a foreign country. However as you did work in France and, as Debra has pointed out, France is your competent state they will manage your pension and health care when you stop work completely. Compensation does not come into it.

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It is not about moral issues at all!
It is about what we pay for within our taxes and what extra tax I may
have paid over before I left UK.
You say that UK did not send me here to France…no not by request but by default.
None of us are truly aware of the what other people experience in UK and who
played by the rules and who was dealt a bad hand.
No of course I do not expect a cheque from a UK tax office.
And no one can actually have their cake and eat it.
But a slice of freshly baked cake would be nice.

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I think that perhaps you are forgetting something David?
Most of my taxes were paid in UK for many years and they
extended to include a large sum in capitol gains tax in order to exit
UK. Yes my choice to leave…but like many of us I wanted a better life.
So what happens David when the UK finally gets to the end of this
Brexit and we all have to stand on our zimmer Frames ( those of us
who are oldies…of course) and ask France for health cover?
We have been part of the system for 8 years but I am British.
As I said David I really do not expect a cheque from UK for compensation
of non use of the health system.
Do hope that there is some thought for us who came to pastures new and hope that
we are not exploited or left out in the cold.
And David are we on the same side?
Are we not learning how to survive…in France?

Barbara, taxes are not some sort of savings account for yourself they are making an investment in the country that taxes you. Very little of the tax you pay goes to finance something that affects you directly. You don’t get taxed less if you don’t have children of school age or never use public transport. I have lived outside the UK since the mid 1980s yet have always remained a U.K. taxpayer and will do for the rest of my life. During that period I have rarely visited Britain to benefit from my contribution but as I have always been employed there they will deal with my pension and, hopefully healthcare, when I’m eligible. If everything collapses after Brexit I will carry on making contributions to the French health system as I do now. You have worked in France and if you stay here in your retirement years France is your competent state and will administer your pension and healthcare, if you return to the UK they will take over the reins.
You mentioned compensation.

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Yes …my choice!!!