We forget how lucky we are

Inclined to agree - this sounds like way past the time to seek intervention.


Have either of you been seen by a doctor? Did you have the same thing? Has your daughter got what you had?
If you don’t think she is in real danger why didn’t you have a chat with the pharmacien?
If you think there really is a problem, and now it is likely she is dehydrated at least, surely you need to be a bit more insistent. Try the 15, don’t take no for an answer.


Pontoise hospital knew she had lost weight on Sunday because they weighed her upon triage. But still not considered sick enough for every other child to go in front of her as they arrived. She was permanently at the back of the queue. I suspect it would be the same even if we arrived in ambulance - the doctor sees them in order of perceived seriousness after triage, no matter how they arrive.

Only other reason I haven’t tried 15 is that every time I’ve called in the last 6 years, they’ve told us to go to ER ourselves. Except once, my husband was writhing on the floor in agony with a stuck kidney stone during the night, the operator could hear him screaming but it still took over 4hrs for the ambulance to arrive. When they did, they explained they had come from Compiègne, nearly 100km away and further than Paris! They only took him 3km to the local ER (same one that turned baby away), woke up sleeping night doctor and he was put on pain meds to get through the night until transferred to another hospital 60kms in the other direction in the morning for emergency surgery.

Anyway, she hasn’t been sick so far tonight and is sleeping for the moment so going to leave her to rest for now and sleep on the mattress beside her cot again. If she doesn’t eat tomorrow, back to the hospital with a day’s worth of picnic food, water and cushions for sitting on the floor…

It’s not that we haven’t experienced good medical treatment here, sometimes its been excellent, sometimes dire, it dépends on the problem and getting access to the best practitioners. But if you fall into the category of ‘serious but not truly urgent’, god help you for getting seen

How is she if awake? Playing with toys?, drinking enough? If listless & disinterested and you can’t get her to drink/keep fluids down she might be sicker than you realise.

How much fluid have you got down her today (and which has stayed down).

I assume still in nappies - is she peeing a normal amount or are the nappies staying dry.

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What is the latest news on your daughter ? I hope she is better…


She’s finally come out with a streaming cold, seems like she’d been holding onto it until now! She only ate jelly and half a banana and a Petit Filous again today but a decent amount of fluids and in reasonable spirits. Sam was up with her five times last night and I think we’ll have the same again tonight but we’re coping, just. She couldn’t go to the nanny’s today though. Difficult when there is no respite, no support, after 10 days its tiring. Hopefully, now its come out, she’ll start to improve.


Fingers crossed she is over the worst…

Sending hugs and good wishes to you all :hugs:

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Thank you Stella, have a good evening!

Recent picture of the little darling attached!