We love the world of dance

I can imagine that many of you will say that you do not watch British TV productions,
I am not one of them.
Strictly come dancing is a huge fav of mine as dancing, competition and determination are an
excellent mix.
It is hard to believe that the winner had suddenly developed a passion for dancing at such a mature age but he won above the young size ten actress and an extra skinny pop star just about 20

cheers Barbara

As a kid I enjoyed Come Dancing… with Peter West as the announcer… and the joy carried on into adulthood… with various folk.

Magical when Black & White TV gave way to Colour… wow.

Would see Strictly when visiting UK…

can’t follow Strictly here, but family in UK keep me informed … we chat every day.

I’ll try this latest final on youtube… :slightly_smiling_face: :relaxed:

I was happy for any of them to win, apart from Biscuit Boy, as they had all made big efforts and really changed as dancers. Biscuit Boy just carried on jumping around.

Well done to the BBC for making it happen despite all - not easy. And having the final last night just after announcement about tightening restrictions in UK made the evening bearable for many southern friends. A bit of escapism with added sequins…

Biscuit Boy…?

yes biscuit boy must have been Yvey because he was so thin like a longue de chat.
In a way I was sad that Bill won.
Not that I did not admire him or dislike him as there is nothing much
to dislike, He had been a customer at my restaurant and was pleasant.
He was remarkable at picking up steps and learning to dance but to my mind he lacked
a graceful flow that is not inbuilt with everyone, Every thing is correct but a little stiff.

Grandson of McVities biscuits

Okay thanks Jane.

Are you sure of this grandson of united biscuits or this a little joke to cheer us up.

Ooops, not grandson - descendant

“ Laing is a descendant of Sir Alexander Grant, 1st Baronet, who created the McVitie’s digestive biscuit in 1892.”

my aunt was an opera singer but my theatrical interests lead me to Go Go dancing.

ah which of the younger male dancers was Laing …

Great grandson but they sold any stake in the business long ago. I think it was just a nice story for Made In Chelsea, the show he started on, to make out as if he was rolling in digestive biscuit profits, but I think his wealth, like that other famous heir Paris Hilton, has been primarily self made rather than through his family. Although I’m sure both had a very nice childhood!

The one who danced like an over-energetic chicken, bouncing around all the time with no grace! He and his professional partner both have short blond hair.

OK I liked some of the dances from the youngest of the 2 young men and Masie.
Last years winner was a dancer and the chap who came second. They were great.
The 2 presenters should dance,just a little and less chatter and cuddles could be

I couldn’t miss channel 4 news and my wife couldn’t miss it and also bake off.

yes BAKE OFF getting a teensy weeny but stale.

has Bake Off improved since going to Channel 4 ?