We need your help!

(Catharine Higginson) #1

James and I are thinking about the new SF logo and we thought, who better to ask than our lovely members!

Please have a think and tell us about the things that say 'France' to you.

Is it an iconic object? A view? Something to eat? Drink?

All input welcome and very much appreciated - thanks!

(Sab Will) #2

Sorry, as I’m new this discussion is probably dead, but anyway… My first thought was ANYTHING except the Eiffel Tower! And then I thought, well, the Eiffel Tower being 'conquered by am intrepid ex-pat resolutely planting a flag or something on top could be quite cute, but maybe a bit too Paris-based. The Eiffel Tower will always be both iconic and clichéd anyway, so you could just go with the flow…

(James Higginson) #3

I’d somehow missed these, I think they are great, thanks for your time Neil, much appreciated.


(Annette Morris) #4


I’m no logo designer so in awe of the graphics put forward so far.

Also not sure if this discussion is even still open - but we’'ve only just caught up with it down here …
In our FRAdventure we rather feel that being-at-one with France is what we’re about - not “Do or Die”.
One ‘logo’ thought was the Eiffel tower and Big Ben hand-in-hand … maybe a ‘@survivefrance’ inbetween.

Call me a softy.
It’s all true :slight_smile:


(neil whitehead) #5

Couple of more ideas, this time a bit warmer in tone. The figure could be a lady or there could be a range of figures applied to different sections of the site.

(Catharine Higginson) #6

Thanks Tanya
Really like that idea - so far the faves are sand, (Robinson Crusoe), lifebelts and your parachute!

(Tanya Parks) #7

Hi Catharine,

How about a logo featuring parachutist dropping in. The tri-colour parachute could have a band through the middle bearing the name, ‘Survive France’, and the parachutist could have a pennant (is that the correct word?) fluttering from his foot with the Union flag on it. You could maybe also draw the outline of the country in a fine, black line in a slightly abstract way to finish it off.

Here’s a sample image, though I was thinking of a curved parachute for yours:

(Franca Porter-Sanders) #8

I like SF1 best too!

(James Higginson) #9

Thank you all for your comments so far, there’s a discussion going on over on the Facebook page too.

Thanks Neil, I like the life belt idea in sf1, simple but effective.

Kind regards


(Craig McGinty) #10

I like the sf3 image.

(Catharine Higginson) #11

That’s so kind Neil, really appreciated.

I esp like the lifebelt…hmmm

Thanks again C x

(neil whitehead) #12

Three ideas whilst watching a pretty dreary F1 GP this afternoon.

(Rikki Pitt) #13

Good luck with the new logo design, I know how long it takes to get something down! I’ll look forward to seeing what you come up with. “Survive France”, quite a hard one to “iconize”…