We would like to rent a house in Brittany/West Coast

My partner and I would like to move to Brittany (most preferably Finistère/Loire-Atlantique/Vendée/Charente Maritime) for a couple of months, preferably over the coming winter/spring 2022. Does anyone have a furnished house/summer house to offer or knows somebody who is happy to rent or knows an agency?
Thank you so much for your feedback!

Hi Angelika

have you checked out this site…

and here’s another…

Or try www.rentaplaceinfrance.com

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Thank you very much for your replies! Sounds good and I will check this out. :slightly_smiling_face:

We look after several furnished houses in the Charente Maritime that are empty for several months a year.

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Sounds interesting. Do you have more details, e.g. a website or similar?
Thank you!

Unfortunately not, if you could give an idea of what type of property you’re looking for I’ll see if any would be suitable.