Weather's about to get colder - just had our first grues fly over

Between five and six pm most afternoons, from now onwards we’ll have the delight of the cranes flying south for winter. :grin:
The locals hate it, because it’s a a sign of colder weather, but I’d much rather the sunny frosty days than all the rain we’ve had.


Already bloody freezing here! We had a cold north wind blowing all day! I think I heard some flying over earlier but was inside and didn’t see them. I love their spring and autumn fly overs, nature is a miracle :heart_eyes:


On the Lancashire coast this afternoon and there were lots of geese heading north


We had them fly over this evening in 33.

The flying of the grues always mean the time to change from shorts to long trousers - about time as it was getting a bit nippy. (the shorts come out again when the grues head north in the spring).

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in 16 Charente - spotted the first formations flying over this week. Winter is coming! Heat is on and the fire in the lounge every evening.