Web servers

During last 12 months I have been following break-in attempts to 4 Web servers closely.

Without having any statistics, the break-ins, hackings have increased a lot!
A couple of times within 10-20 minutes after setting up a server the hacking begins!
Some days 1-200 tries that got blocked.
Not to mention all the pro-trump messages in google analytics ( messages stopped 1 month ago).

If you have servers out there, be careful! Keep up on security patches etc.
And switch to https protocol, that will help as well

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… Last month we saw 66.7 million brute force attacks and 63.9 million complex attacks from our top 25 attacking IPs. You’ll recall that a complex attack is one that targets a plugin, theme or core vulnerability and is blocked by the Wordfence firewall…

I run a professional managed web hosting service for my clients. I suggest that you have a look at cloudflare. They have a free tier that will deal with the majority of scriptkiddie attacks and is good for your site anyway. Send me a pm if you have any questions, happy to help!

Thanks Martijn,

We mostly use Google cloud and for wordpress Systems Wordfence, so far we
have been well protected.