I would like to install skype and would like to know if anyone could give me any advice on webcams, what should I get etc. Thanks

Thank you all for the advice. My computer does not have a built in camera and it is a PC with Open office. I will check out the cameras you suggest.

Hi Louise,

I bought for my mum and dad a webcam with the optique Carl Zeiss and a resolution of 1080p. I found those criterias on the net and it seems to be important for the video quality. Also check a few thing before you buy a webcam: compatibility with skype ( they usually are but better safe than sorry), the usb connection, if it also provided a mike and, if it is for a laptop, a webcam with a clip is always better. Hope this has helped.


If you have a fairly recent laptop or PC it probably has a built in webcam Louise. Just download and install Skype and get back here if you encounter any problem.

Hi Louise.

We use the HueHd webcams for skype, bought them for our parents too. They work well. Amazon sell them - tried to add a link but unfortunately it won't work.


Hi Louise, there are a couple of questions we need answering first.

What type of PC/Mac do you have? If a laptop might it already have a camera - just checking ;-) Do you use Windows , OSX or Linux?

These days there are many devices you can get, and most of them will be USB connectable, which virtually every machine on the Planet will have a port. If a Mac, then you could use Firewire or Thunderbolt.

I would recommend Logitech cameras if you want an external one, and the more you spend , the higher the resolution you will get, but you must take into account your Internet connection speed, and that of the person receiving, as you having as getting a very highres camera that generates a great number of frames per second could swamp your link.

Anyway here are a few for you to look at that all work with Skype, but as I don't know your hardware yet, I'm making some assumptions. They vary in price, are quoted in USD, but you will get the picture - sorry I couldn't resist ;-)

Logitech Webcams

Look at the specification page for detailed Internet/disk space requirements etc if you install the software that comes with the unit.

The good news, all modern OSes should just detect the device, and Skype should be able to use it from there.

Do any other members have recommendations on Webcams they use for Louise?

I personally just use the one build into my laptops with Skype and Google gtalk, 1.3 mega pixels and it works fine.