Weedkillers under lock and key

I had a major bramble problem and used a machete to hack the stems down so I could get into the middle, then a bladed strimmer disc thing, then did a bit (a lot) of digging and burnt all the stems on top of where the roots were. When I say major we’re talking sleeping beauty’s castle major. It took about a month to clear them completely. Now mowing deals with the very few little shoots that appear.

English towns seem to be trying the same solution …

Hello all,

I’m available to help with weeding (the muscle-pull out and mulch type of help). Pay my travel (econo from USA), house me, and feed me, and I’m all yours for a week to two weeks. My schedule is open for Spring '18, and I have references. Starting early Spring 2018. I’ll be visiting in Henrichemont for a couple of days mid-November 2017 if that’s helpful; I’m staying in Paris Nov 18 - Dec 3, 2017, 11eme arrondissement. I’m sure you might find others, but just feel free to keep me on the list if helpful. I aim to be in France (Bourgogne, Berry) for growing seasons, starting around 2019 if not sooner. And, again: not for pay, but for room and board. And just to get the mulch pile started, not to impose on local help. I know a little, and am not an expert. Please: Do Not Use Chem Weedkillers. Just use folks like me. :slight_smile: Hope that’s helpful.

Because we all know that a transatlantic flight causes less harm than a bit of well placed Roundup. :slight_smile:

Yes but it’s for the long-term strategy as well. Did I not make myself clear. Got it, sardonic one?