Weekly Business Profile

(Catharine Higginson) #1

And your name to this list if you'd like to be involved:

Thank you to everyone who has responded so far. I'll be starting work on some outline questions in the few days and we should have the new slot / page up within the next week or so!

(Rob Wilson) #2

Hi Catharine,

I'd defintely be interested in this, get in touch any time!



(Angela Weston) #3

Glad to see SFN is going from strength to strength.

Sounds like a great idea Catherine the 'spotlight'. We would be very happy to be involved.

(Kevin Albin) #4

Just seen this on the newsletter, yes please. Kevin

(Catherine Julia Stock) #5

I’m in. I have an art gallery in Rignac, near Rocamadour and teach watercolour workshops in summer. I am an author and illustrator of about 100 children’s books, mostly published in the US. Also have a life drawing evening on Mondays which is open to all. My website is catherinestock.com

(Brian Stephens) #6

Hi Catherine, I would like you to consider my holiday business for spotlighting, I have included a link to my website below for your perusal. I have actually started collaborating with 2 other businesses through SFN as well now with a view to offering additional activities in the form of art and photography courses to our guests.

So SFN is creating new opportunities for us.


(Wendy Wise) #7

Me please!

(Jill Harrison) #8

Hi Catherine,

Count us in please, a great idea!


(Judy Mansfield) #9

Fabulous idea - do count me in.. I have a 'day job' for First Rate FX, and a 'voluntary job' setting up and running 'Normandy Business Group' http://www.meetup.com/Normandy-Business-Group/

I love the skills, experience and sheer determination that expats show, in setting up in business in France (who invented the word 'entrepreneur', but also the word 'bureaucracy'...!!

Judy :)

(Petra Martin) #10

Hi, we'd love to be featured! Perhaps if we could wait until around April though because my husband is working on a large installation to go outside a new furniture/kitchen/bathroom showrooms and workshop complex that is being built now to be ready for about April. Then we'll have some fresh photos (that aren't already on our website/facebook page) and hopefully a pretty impressive job to show. Thanks.


(Maggie Pascoe) #11

Hello !

I'd like to be involved !!

I have my business to put in front of the group.

(neil whitehead) #12

Great idea - sign me up!


(Nicola Warman) #13

I think this is a great idea and would like to be included. Let me know what you need from me!



(Paul Bird) #14

Hi Catharine,

Please include me on the list, www.electricien.webs.com

Many thanks,


(Sab Will) #15

Hello Catharine, I would like to be involved, thanks :-S

Paris Set Me Free ~ Paris Photo Walks & Tours


(Bernadeta Hodkova) #16

Hi Catherine, I’d like to be there too! www.getting-better.org thanks!

(Claudia Graf) #17

Count me in. Thank you for the initiative.

Claudia/Zone Bébé

(Hilary Newhall) #18

I’m in too, please…just waiting for my new website…:slight_smile:

(Sarah Crosby) #19

Yes am interested! Email contact is sarah.crosby@orange.fr

(James Higginson) #20

Thanks John, very much appreciated!