Weeks work on offer

Am posting this here rather than the job centre as it is only work for a week.

Some friends of mine need help next week getting the exterior of their hotel barge ready for the season. Mainly rubbing down and painting, no special skill required just a good handyman (or woman) type. Barge is presently in Holland but they are going from Auxerre on Tuesday and returning next Monday, one or two people welcome. All travel, food, board and lodging (on barge) provided as well as a wage. Will be hard work but a great couple to work for and very welcoming with food, drink etc while you are there, very relaxed atmosphere. They normally do everything themselves but fate has not been kind this winter and they are struggling to be ready for the 1st April.

Please contact me for further details or them direct on sheena.juenner@wanadoo.fr

Ah, I live 20 minutes from Tanlay in Yonne. I do not know St. Martin sur Armencon, will have to look at the map. About 1 hour from Auxerre. I know that there is quite a large American based barge in Tanlay, but didn't know that there is a smaller one - will be interesting to chat. I knew people who were doing a barge conversion several years ago, but then they moved it and I'm not sure if they ever got it going. Thanks for putting your post up. Jacquie

Hi Richard, thanks for that, have just called Sheena and they are out at the moment but will check their emails later.

Hi Jacquie,

I see from your profile you are from Gigny in Burgundy - are you in Saone et Loire or Yonne, if it's S & L, you live fairly close to us. If you are in Yonne, you live quite close to my friends, they are in St Martin sur Armencon and their barge is usually moored in Tanlay.

I have just called Sheena and told her to check her emails but they are out to lunch at the moment - Sunday huh!

Hi Tracy, thank you, I had sent her one directly prior to receiving your offer to send one on. If she doesn't receive it please let me know - this sounds like a great project that I would really like to help on. Happy Sunday and blessings. Jacquie

Hi Tracy, I've sent you an e-mail :0)

Hi Jacquie,

my fault - the address is Sheena.juenner@wanadoo.fr, sorry. If you send me your address I'll pass it on



Hi Shenna, I tried emailing you at the above email but it bounced 3 times. Do you have another way to contact you? Such as skype, etc.? Many thanks and hope to hear from you. Jacquie