Weird experience with Free's recruitement process-anyone else?

In October, I had an interview for a data scientist position in France at Free Telecom (part of Iliad Group), where there was exactly one physical interview with the manager and another data scientist. It was a pretty basic interview-with no technical questions asked except going over my CV. The data scientist really liked my profile and told me that I’d be contacted in a few days. When I wasn’t, I contacted the (inhouse) recruiter to which he emailed me that I wasn’t selected.

Now in December, the same recruiter called me to tell me that they had an alternate offer for me. I was of course excited to hear more, but after that, the several times I contacted the recruiter to discuss it, he postponed it to another date but never called me at the end. E.g. five days ago he said he was moving and would call me today, only not to call me at the end.

I’ve got another offer from a startup, which I don’t like much. But I let them (the recruiter, and the manager at Free who interviewed me) know of the alternate offer, and also told them that if they no longer had the offer, they should tell me that. Still the recruiter is acting not serious at all, and it’s getting quite frustrating.

Did anyone else here have a weird experience like this here in France?

Any recruitment process I’ve been involved in here, either hiring or being hired, has been rigorous and professional. I remember one firm even asked private investigators to do a little research on candidates. I’d be cautious about joining a firm that is as cavalier as the one you describe.

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I’d agree with you that the hiring process has always been rigorous and transparent for me as well. But what’s strange about this is: this is the group that owns Free mobile and is quite well knows as well. I wouldn’t particularly expect them to work in such a cavalier manner.

Why not go on their Facebook page… they are bound to have one… you would be able to leave a comment… where it might do some good. :thinking:

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You say “the recruiter” - is Free handling recruitment inhouse or is it via a staff agency? Could make a big difference.

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It’s an inhouse recruiter for Free.

You know-I’ve thought of taking this to social media many times, but I always hesitated. May be I’ll go ahead and do that now! So today, I went to their office (not far from where I live in Paris) where my interview was held, and left a handwritten note to the recruiter, that the receptionist told me that she’d pass on to the (inhouse) recruiter. I gave a deadline for contacting me within 7 days, otherwise I told I’d take the other offer on the table. May be I should let Free (Iliad) know how cavalier their hiring process is (in a polite manner, of course)!

It’s an inhouse recruiter for Free.

Frankly, we (on the forum) have no idea who contacted you… how they identified themselves… or anything… Presumbly, they convinced you that they were above board… but are you sure, on reflection. :thinking:

If you feel so inclined, you can ask a simple question on their FB page, nothing inflammatory… you have nothing to lose.

I’m not sure that we can be much more help… with no hard facts to chew on…

Presumably, you will take the other offer … and enjoy a super 2019…

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I’ve sent them a message on Facebook, and awaiting their reply. The inhouse recruiter called himself and then told me that he had another offer for me that he’d discuss with me. It was he who contacted me, not the other way around. However, each time he says he’ll call me on a specific date, he doesn’t-this gets under my skin as I’ve been looking for a job three months now, and that I need to decide quickly on an offer. I also wrote to him, with a copy to the manager who interviewed me that, if they thought they no longer had the offer, they should feel free to let me know that. Not only they didn’t reply, but also, following a phone call, the recuiter said he’d call le on Monday (yestersay), only not to call. I’m perfcetly happy with a rejection, but I don’t appreciate being played around like that.

I know the full name of the recruiter and the manager, of course, but don’t quite feel like writing it here in a public forum. Thank you for your wishes!

I understand not giving names and details on the forum… and, with such info it does sound as if it might be kosher… in which case… yes, they do seem to have a very strange way of doing things… :thinking: and I would not feel happy working for a company with such a cavalier attitude.

But that is me… I would walk away. They may well have so many folk “on hold” and can take their pick and forget the rest… who knows…

best of luck… and as I say… take the other job, elsewhere…

@Hello_World there was a time when arrogance and insensitivity on the part of a major employer or a HR associate would have been an outrage, but times have changed.

I’ve had a similar experience at the hands of a huge healthcare organisation that advertised a professional post, for which I applied, following detailed recruitment protocols including tests and a panel interview, which necessitated a short wait for the result, which was promised verbally and in writing. The result never came, and several calls over three weeks to enquire were given the bureaucratic run-around. Eventually a junior employee told me “we never let unsuccessful candidates know, nobody likes doing it so we assume they will get the message eventually. Sorry!”

It’s apparantly the new corporate brutalism of the “Wake up and smell the coffee” genre.

You have my sympathy, you were treated shamefully and are entitled to be angry.

Seems par for the course, my girlfriend (French) has gotten to the point she’ll fume at the mere mention of interviews or applications. The normal thing that happens seems to be send in your resume, be told it’s been received, and then a heap of nothing. If you follow up a month later you’ll be told you weren’t selected, so sorry.

One place she applied did the exact same thing, got back with her a month later and mentioned an alternate offer, so she postponed agreeing to a part-time job she’d lined up, and heard absolutely nothing afterwards.

Better get used to it, I’m afraid :frowning:

Hi Ben and welcome to the Forum…

Rule of thumb… never give up an existing job (or whatever) unless you have a firm, rock-solid job-offer in writing. :thinking:


Hello everyone,

I’m sorry for the late reply-too busy with job search. I appreciate your comments and warnings regarding the French recruitment process. Have a nice weekend everyone!