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Hi James many thanks for all the information. Doris Camperdog

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Hello James,

How do I upload pictures to my ad for selling our house please


Hi @Bernadette here you go :slight_smile:

Thank you

Let me know if you have any trouble :slight_smile:

Hi everyone…

I notice that not everyone shows their full name when posting or commenting. why is this ??

Can you give me an example please @Stella ?

Hi James
I’ve noticed someone replying in the last couple of days. It comes up as:

Your full name (required) Elaine

and then her reply… on the post about Mayor’s stealing land… etc
and “I am wondering how many of your are for Brexit…”

Just wondering if we do have the choice of partial anonymity…


That’s a reminder to that user to update their profile. If it’s ignored those accounts are suspended.

Oh… fair enough… I just saw it recently and wondered if I had made a pig’s ear of my info when I first signed onto this forum. I am not the brightest in the class when it comes to electronic equipment…:wink: :wink:

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Hi, its a long time since l contributed any thing on SF. I am a retired commercant have lived in normandie for 18 years. I am a long time divorcee, living on a UK and French pension, lonely, fed up, and seeking something to do. I enjoy my camping car and seek someone to enjoy taking trips out and sharing the costs. If you’re interested give me a shout. I have enjoyed the articles on becoming French and many others. I would also appreciate any knowledge on creating B&B


I’d like to find voluntary work in France without paying for registration on other sites can anyone help

Hi Katherine

What are your skills ??

Why not approach your Mairie, Maison de Retraite, School etc…
Willing hands are always welcome…

Hi Stella,
I’m a seamstress, I do wedding dress alterations, I also do yacht sail repairs and boat/kite/tent canvas work and teach sewing skills, pattern cutting and garment construction

I have house keeping, bar/sommilier and waitress skills to a high standard.
Along with gardening and vegetable growing/harvesting experience

I live in the UK and my French is basic but have worked in a restaurant in France some years ago
I might add that i’d like to offer working for free in return for food an accomodation

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Good heavens Katherine…

I reckon you could turn your hand to just about anything.
Not sure how you go about getting free board and lodging though.

I’ll have to give this more thought…

back soon