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Try the English owned camp site companies they are always looking for senior couriers with multi skills supply lodgings ad keep plus you get paid.

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Hi Everyone,
As Ryan air will start flying Bezier to Bristol at the end of March (our nearest airport that flies to Bristol) we wanted to start using that route for our monthly commute! BUT unlike Toulouse and Girona airports I cannot book our car into the car park on line. I also can’t find any real info on line. Does anyone leave their car at or near Beziers airport for 2-3 weeks at a time? Otherwise it’s finding public transport and then a taxi - even more time consuming! THANK YOU in anticipation that someone has done this mad thing before (MONTHLY COMMUTE!!)

You can try workaway.info

Hello everyone, thank you for accepting me into your community :relaxed:

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I have a question re Inheritance. I am seeing a French notaire tomorrow with my husband to make a donation entre époux for our principal and only residence here ( or anywhere ). My husband has 2 children in their 50’s from his previous marriage, they live in Spain, have no contact and are relatively well off. I have no children and my husband wants to leave everything to me. We have written individual wills that we will be showing the notaire tomorrow, stating that : As a British citizen, and is my right under European directive 650/2012 Brussels 1V, I declare that I want English law to apply to the succession of all of my assets and bequeth all my assets to husband/wife. Can anyone tell me if this is valid please? Sorry if it’s already been covered elsewhere but we don’t want his children to have anything! TIA

I believe you can, at present, and your notaire should confirm that (or explain why you can’t if that’s the case). What none of us know is what the situation will be post-brexit. Will things revert to what they were before - French inheritance law only…?!


I’m sure I read somewhere in all the bumph… that France had debated the question (not just about UK who had not signed anyway) and decided that no French Resident should be denied the possibility of “choosing” the Inheritance Rules of the Country of Birth (worldwide!)…

To deny a French Resident such a right would be “discrimination” .

Thank you for your reply. The notaire has had to cacel for tomorrow (short notice) so we are seeing her next week. I will let you know how we get on. Without giving names it is a large office notarial in La Châtre so I hope she is up-to date on this!

Hello Stella. I have spent hours reading through so much bumph that I am almost cross-eyed. I think the song Dazed and Confused just about sums it up, as the more I read the less I know !

This is a situation that a lot of people find themselves in so I know that we are not alone. I will keep everyone informed of the Notaires ‘ideas’.

Sorry that should read cancel, I did say that I had become cross-eyed :wink:

Great site, wish I had found it sooner but now I have I am letting others know about .

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Should be the case, Stella, but who knows what mess the brexit may leave us in. One point people need to be aware of is that it’s just for “who gets what” which they can decide according to their country of birth’s laws and that inheritance tax will still be due under the French system and payable here in France :wink:


Since the French Gov have decided to give the “choice of Birth Nationality (worldwide) re Inheritance”…for its French Residents…it makes no difference what UK does re Brexit… worldwide means just that…:innocent:

I am a French Resident… I can make a choice re Inheritance… and I have done so…now I intend to live forever :heart_eyes:

“EU rules however allow you to choose that the law of your country of nationality should apply to your succession – whether this is an EU country or not.” … a quote from this useful site…

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that’s what they’ve decided for the moment, but, heavens’ forbid, can you imagine that remaining the case under Marine… :open_mouth:
Mine’s very simple and all comes under French law and, like everyone living in France regardless of nationality and chosen country’s inheritance laws, French tax regulations, unfortunately!

An update on my post . We have had a meeting with our notaire. She read through the wills that we had handwritten ourselves declaring that under European directive 650/2012 Brussels 1V we wanted English law to apply to our succession. She has said the wills are well written, legal, and cover everything. We do not need to make a donation entre époux as the wills also cover that. She charged no fees because she said ‘that we had done all the work’ ourselves ! Good result and a relief …


Hi Katherine,
I could do with someone who can sew & make up garments.
Please contact me if you are still looking.

I’m happy to be here.:relaxed:

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Hi there…eve55 …This is a really helpful and friendly Forum… so please can you tell us your full name ??.. you’ll see that we all do that…:blush:

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Eve Grant

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Hi, I just wondered why I had to create a whole new account to access this site and when I put in my email address it told I couldn’t use it as an existing memeber had it, I think that’s ME but your site won’t allow this email to access this site. Luckily I had an old wanaddoo address and used that. So can you tell me why the site is all in French ? I know you changed a while back in fact it was after you changed it that I had difficulty in accessing it…