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(stella wood) #45

Hi Jan… I hadn’t noticed that this site is all in French… :wink: I must be even more integrated than a realised…:grin:

(James Higginson) #46

Hi Jan, I’ve sent you a reactivation email for your real account, once you’ve logged back in with that I can delete this one for you. The interface language can be changed in your preferences. Thanks! Bon weekend

(Jan Wallace) #47

Thankyou James, have looked for preferences can’t seem to find it.

(Chris Kite) #48

Click on your avatar and then the cog. The language can be changed by clicking on Interface.

(Jan Wallace) #49

Finally found it, changed it and everything is still in french :frowning:

(Jan Wallace) #50

Tried again but to no avail, am going to make dinner…

(Chris Kite) #51

Change it but then refresh the page. It should work after that…

(stella wood) #52

Ha ha Chris… a refreshing change… eh…:laughing: (sorry, must be something in my tea)

(Nicholas Parrott) #54

Does your Marie organise an ‘association day’? they are normally at the start of the school year - in about two months time. it’s basically an opp for all the local assoiations to do a recruitment drive and publicise themselves. Last year i came across a wonderful local organsation called planete ecole who collect books, sell them (or at least the good ones) on the beach in my local town and send the money 9and some of the books) to schools projects in Africa. Its an ideal project for me, a bookworm, to be involved in. But there will be other more socially geared volunteering opps too, I help an elderly neighbour with her garden and she helps me with my French translations - but that one just grew out of being neighbours…

(Nick Ord) #55

Hi everyone, how are you all?

(Tracy Fleming ) #56

We’re moving to the Bordeaux area next summer and I’m looking for any tips I can get! Other half working in Libourne so where best to look for housing (renting initially)? Looking at Bordeaux International School for kids (yr 13 and 9) - has anyone got any experience here? Will be visiting in October to look at school and housing so would like an idea of what to look out for before we go. Any help really appreciated. Thanks.

(Dewi L Morgan) #57

I wonder if I could ask for some help from those of you who have bought houses in Brittany, I am looking for a home in that area around the 40000 to 60000 euro price bracket. I see homes advertised for sale with the agents fee’s included but no other purchase costs. Would I be liable for paying any local or national taxes and stamp duty on my new home. What if any are the hidden extras that could bite me on the bottom once I have bought my new home. Many thanks in advance Dewi

(Simon Armstrong) #58

Purchase fees (notary, stamp duty, registration etc) will be around 8-10% of net purchase cost (i.e excl agent fees). You’ll need to add that to any agent fees.

(Dewi L Morgan) #59

Thank you Simon

(Jan Wallace) #60

Hi all,

Well now it’s interesting as apart from the comments and posts which are in english everything else on the page is now in greek ( yes you read it correctly GREEK) At least when it was in french I stood a reasonable chance of understanding most words, but now there’s no chance.

Jan Wallace

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Chris Kite

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Change it but then refresh the page. It should work after that…

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AngloFranco Jan Wallace

May 12

Finally found it, changed it and everything is still in french :frowning:

(Chris Kite) #61

Click on your avatar, then the cogged gear and finally interface. Change the language to English and save your changes. Refresh the page. It works for me…

(Chris Kite) #62

@james…can you help? I’m sure I’ve offered the correct way to do this, but if it’s now in Greek it may be more difficult than it seems. E.g. I’m not familiar with Greek for interface!

(James Higginson) #63

Have you fixed this yet or do you need help still? Apologies for delay, I’m on holiday.

(Roy Jackson) #64

Just wondering how to PM someone.
Great site!

(stella wood) #65

click on their name… and a business card style opens up… showing a resumé of that person and giving you the chance to click Message…

That’s how I do it, anyway…

Best of luck///:wink: