Welcome to Survive France

(Roy Jackson) #66

Thanks Stella,
When I see the “buisness card pop up” I don’t get a message option. I tied on his page also and no message option that I can find.
Maybe it’s because I’m new to the forum?

(James Higginson) #67

Yes that’s correct, let me fix that for you Roy

(stella wood) #68


James to the rescue… and then you can swamp everyone with PM’s :laughing:

(Jan Wallace) #69

Still need help :frowning :frowning:

(James Higginson) #70

The language problem? What device/s are you using?

(Roy Jackson) #71

Thanks James. The messaging is working perfectly now. :slight_smile:

(lisa corrina) #72

Thanking for letting me sing up

(James Higginson) #73

Welcome :slight_smile:

(Mia James) #74

Hi James, I would like to ask the community a question about inheritance laws in France when your husband is adopted as an adult. I as his wife, am being asked to sign to say that I agree to the adoption (so that he can inherit from his French step mother) but am worried that by signing this, I will agree to something I don’t understand and will effect my own rights or my children’s rights to inherit from my husbands estate in the future. How can I do this please to start a new thread?

(David Martin) #75

This would be much better if it was posted as a topic in its own right.

(James Higginson) #76

Hi Mia!

Go to the main page and click + Topic on the top right :slight_smile:

(Ashley Clarke) #77


Many thanks for accepting my request to join.

I have a legal question that I would like to ask about renting my property. How do i go about asking this?

Kind regards

(James Higginson) #78

Hi Ashley

If you hit + Topic on the main page you can ask your question there. :slight_smile:

(Ashley Clarke) #79

Excellent, many thanks

(Mia James) #80

Thanks James, sorted it now :slight_smile:

(Mia James) #81

Hi David, agreed :slight_smile: I have put it under legal advice now and started a new topic