Welcome to the newest members of Food Lovers in France and one more!

Welcome to the newest members!

How is everyone’s January going? Keeping warm with some good soup? I often cook chicken soup in the winter, to help my kids stay healthy (I do a version that boasts the immune system).

Curiously, I cooked the same version of my usual recipe but didn’t have a full whole chicken, only lean chicken breasts.

Yesterday I made the original version, cooking the soup with a whole chicken.

The results were more surprising than I could have imagined.

Cooking the soup with the whole chicken really makes a difference in taste. Probably due to the higher fat content in the soup cooked with whole chicken.

My 6 year old begged me to make more…I told her Sunday night was chicken soup night (again)…but she said she can’t wait that long and wants it for sunday breakfast…haha

Well, hope you all are staying warm and healthy.


here it is …an immune boasting recipe for keeping healthy!

In the UK lots of Turkey legs in Tesco and Sainsburys....cheap as chips...and def. best for soup.....or using the bones for stock and the turkey meat for either turkey, leek and mushroom pie or turkey shepherds pie...

I'm glad you like it, Carol. It's so simple, isn't it, and yet tastes so good. I've been eating the leftover mush on toast as part of my lunch.

Oh that's a good idea, I'd never thought of buying a turkey leg for soup.

our chicken last night had your chestnuts and apples around it.....thoroughly delish Sarah...thank you...very yummy indeed and will do that again. I am making soup from the chicken carcass I boilet last night...adding some lovely dried porcini and fresh chestnut mushrooms. The left over chicken is in the freezer together with the giant yorkshire pudds and roasted veg I made with last nights roast....all ready for a quick meal when we return from a long weekend visit to France. We leave tomorrow and will be home Tuesday night...snow permitting...and the roast chicken will be perfect to warm us up...now to finish off the soup!

The best soup is made from meat with bones in it, giving the best flavours. Try a turkey leg or wing, inexpensive right now and costs about 4€. It makes our family of 4 enough soup for 3 days. We eat soup everyday as a started in the winter. I am with you, keeping the kids healthy this time of year is crucial.

Bon Appetit

Hi Mary

Please could you let me know the process for making your whole chicken soup, I have never attempted soups and although I could look up on line it would be nice to have your recipe/method :)

This time of year I usually break out the slower cooker and make large batches of stew, currently have one on the go as I type, but the chicken soup you make sounds super delicious, is it easy to keep/freeze and reheat?


I cooked a roast chicken on Wednesday too (with the chestnut and apple mixture around it), had chicken wraps last night and will do a chicken risotto soon. That'll be 10 meals out of a 1.6kg bird, and then add soup from the stock.

Chicken is fab!

Made some veg soup last night from stock from the freezer. It's essentially a root veg soup with turnips, suede, potato, onion, leek, carrot and a stick of celery. I'm looking forward to my lunch today!

Had a large roast chicken for supper...just the two of us with a 6lb chicken....it was delicious....but lots of chicken left over...which I sliced off...and then put the chicken carcass in a saucepan of water and brought to the boil....cooked it for 4 hours slowly....removed the bones and strained...and the flavour is superb and its turning to jelly already. This is the basis of a lovely chicken soup...the bones are essential to get the flavour and jelly. I have one son that will only eat chicken breasts (he is a weightlifter so its all pure protein)...but we prefer chicken thighs...which are way more flavoursome...and always cook on the bone for the better flavour.