Welding & Custom Wrought Iron Railings


(Roger Waldram) #1


We live in 33540, about an hour east of Bordeaux.

We need to have modifications done to a galvanised double gate & also to get some wrought iron railing for the steps in our courtyard and the front of our house.

Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced ferronier, if that's who we need?

All suggestions welcome.

(Véronique Langlands) #2

I had an excellent one in the northern Lot et Garonne who did some beautiful work for me a few years ago, he was quite young so unlikely to be retired - I'll see if I can dig out his name and address- or he's probably in the yellow pages. Ferronnier or ferronnier d'art is what you want.

(Roger Waldram) #3

Thanks Veronique. I've found a Wayne Bailey at Bournel about an hour to the east of us & womder whether that's the chap you used? Prefer to use someone who is recommended if possible.



(Roger Waldram) #4


Any luck with your hunt for the ferronier d'art?



(Véronique Langlands) #5

Horrors I wrote you a reply on Sunday but obv it has vanished into the ether. Mine isn't Wayne Bailey, he's French, but of course I can't find or remember his name that would be far too simple... sorry!

(Roger Waldram) #6

OK, thanks for your reply. I think I need someone who speaks a little English since I need a plate on each gate cutting off & re-welding on the other side. I can mostly get by in French, but for something tricky & technical need some English!

Again would appreciate any more suggestions.

All the best,


(Roger Waldram) #7

To answer my own question: