Well done England

Well done England, and Very Well Done, Jos Buttler :+1: :joy:


Ah a cricket fan! My Dad loved cricket. It was the absolute highlight of his summer. He was a member of Essex County Cricket Club and I went with him a few times. It was amazing to watch the cricket from a lovely elevated position and the lunch was glorious.

Have you been Bill?

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Are you referring to the last game in South Africa?
I believe that they lost the series.

!! :cricket_bat_and_ball:

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Sadly, no Mandy, my experience was playing at school and local clubs, along with rugby, but swimming and climbing were my priorities :slightly_smiling_face:
I do enjoy sitting on the terrace listening to the games on R4 here, between spells in the garden :wink:

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Buttler has been stunning this season even in the IPL.

We watched him play at Lords 3-4 years ago, at this time it was very clear he was a match winner with extraordinary ability.

I was delighted with a change to the England head selector that Jos Buttler was back in the side.

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Just a casual listener to TMS Mat, but that was a great innings today, and from reports, He sounds an unassuming lad :+1: