Well every cloud can have a silver lining

I know that most of you hate the Daily Mail.....You.

But Samantha Bricks article was not all about doom and gloom.

And a girl has got to make a dime.

Having spent some time letting her know about en-location Re-location

and bringing several artisans into the programme...I was excpecting...hoping for inclususion in the

The Sunday Times or a glossy mag...

But good publicity is the price of gold dust.

And...so far I have never ever paid.

Micheline and all the other guides are based on merit...

Catherine all has turned out really well for you.

Dramatic irony.

Survive France. New beginings.

I have ...JUST 2 DAYS ago said goodbye to a couple who would gladly

change places with a dissapointed pair of ex pats....give up their Large London house, Nanny and

well paid job to be here and discover themselves and above all re-unite themselves with true happiness.