Well, he’s surely sweating now. 😂

What a line.

Whether one is a royalist or not it’s difficult to see his poor mother, after a life of honest public service, betrayed by this spoilt brat.


The Duke of York should perhaps fall on one of his ceremonial swords, sadly I suspect he will do nothing of the sort.
HM the Queen must be horrified by her sons actions, innocent or guilty. None of it has been done in an honourable way.

The problem for the ‘de-royal’ approach surely is that (yet again) it exposes the whole basis of monarchy: they occupy the positions they do in UK society precisely by birth - they are monarch or heir or duke-this-or-that for no other reason than whose child they are.
De-royal-ing Andrew would destroy the legitimacy of Charles, etc

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I agree, and a good thing too imo, there is no sensible reason for having inherited royalty in the first place. But, I do think that nothing has been proved against Andrew Battenburg, Saxe Coburg Gotha, Windsor, or whatever his obscure name is and therefore, until it is, accusations such as are bandied about here and elsewhere should be subdued.


I find this whole thing confusing. Her ex boyfriend was on GMB the other day saying she was nervous about meeting Prince Andrew at the time and had 'phoned him (the boyfriend) about it. Was she really forced kicking and screaming to do whatever with whoever? It seems that she isn’t being wholly truthful herself.


I think it was around the middle of the last century, wasn’t it, that we passed the stage of thinking that sexual abuse depended on being ‘forced kicking and screaming’?


You obviously know more about it than I do. I just have a vision of a person (usually young) shut in a room with no way to contact friends and relatives.

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PA is now in the process of selling a property in Switzerland for £16 million+ so that should help him pay his legal costs that up until now the Queen has been paying. You have to wonder what she must be thinking about him given that she is pretty much powerless to intervene, whatever people feel about the monarchy she doesn’t deserve this ****.

That is a tad misleading. Does that make anyone who has had sex with a 17 year old a paedophile?
In the UK she was over the age of consent.
In the Philippines the age of consent is 12, so a man having sex with a 12 year old there is not a paedophile, so a returning sex tourist could not be called one but my personal view is somewhat different though!
However, if Giuffre felt she was being abused, why did she keep hopping on private jets to have it happen again… & again??


It’s humour Mark, not anything else or implied.

PA stripped of his titles!

Andrew to lose HRH title along with military rank.

Sounds like maam has taken a leaf out of one of her predecessor’s books and is “not amused”.

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Finally some decency and protection for Liz.

Erm no. That is not how it works.

I suggest you do some reading up on the subject.

And this applies to anyone else reading this thread who has a similar reaction. Research child abuse / grooming / coercive relationships / abusive relationships and gas lighting and you will very swiftly understand how sexual predators are able to coerce their victims (without locking them in rooms and preventing them from contacting the outside world).


But did Prince Andrew do any of this or was it his mate?
I respect that you are quite rightly passionate about the above but which would apply to him?
If she was subjected to any of the above the right person needs to be (& has been) blamed.
Seems to be that his poor handling of the situation has become nothing more than an opportunity for anti-royalists to vent their spleen.

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Sorry, I don’t understand what you mean.

According to sources “…He will stop using the title ‘His Royal Highness’ in any official capacity…” Leaves me wondering in what other capacity he might use it. Getting a good table at the Pizza Hut in Woking, perhaps?