Well, I gave him the benefit of the doubt, but it seems I was wrong

There is of course, the argument that to do what he did you must be 'mentally unhinged' ...and I still go along with that....but latest reports, have uncovered accomplices and quite a degree of planning......I wonder if the Munich gunman will be the same sort of scenario ...?


Seems the Munich gunman was a loner except insofar as he seemed to idolise the fruitcake Anders Breivik whose picture he had on his WhatsApp profile.

Amazed to be reminded that it was 5 years ago that Breivik went on his rampage in Norway...

Teenâge loser with an unhealthy intérest in US school shootings unfortunately. The problème is now that it is easy to jump on a bandwagon and ascribe far more philosophical or political motivés to the violent actions of disturbed nasty bits of work. I expect if I massacred anyone now they'd blâme brexit rather than pmt or just my being a twat.