Well, that was a complete waste of time

I have mentiond before on SF that, in spite of having a reasonable command of speaking French (subject to the decay of age which I also share with English), and of reading and writing it well, the acceleration of the decline in my comprehension is quite serious, especially on the telephone to the extent that I avoid such conversations almost entirely.

Back at the end of last year my then doctor understood perfectly and suggested a specialist hearing examination. The wait was long and finally she informed me that I have a rdv set for 17H on Tuesday July the 5th, yesterday. She gave me a sealed letter addressed to the doctor and, of course, I didn’t open it.

What to do about Fran and Jules, in this weather impossible to take them with me so an arrangement was made with a friend to either take them to her or for her to ‘babysit’ here. So far so good, her husband dropped her off and she was installed in front of our telly with Fran with plenty of cold water and free flowing air to watch Wimbledon. I was worried about parking so left myself plenty of time and got to Clinique du Parc 40 minutes before the appointment. Shouldn’t have worried, there were spaces in the small car park and in I went with my pass sanitaire and mask, was asked to change to one of their masks and directed to the doctor’s secretary.

‘Il n’est pas per la, il est en vacance’ was my greeting. But I have a rdv and it was made some 6 months ago, is there someone else sitting in for him. No, no-one, go home and make another appointment. And that was that, she never even cracked a sympathetic smile and seemed to enjoy the fact that her computer did not have a record of my rdv. Even the little wave goodbye was not friendly but mocking as I trudged back to the car.

Not sure what to do, get my neighbour who is French and very helpful to make another appointment or ask the new doctor to do the same. Knowing my neighbour as I do, I think she is favourite. :wink: :smiley:

Might have to get her to sit with Fran if she does, because our friend is only a holiday home visitor and may not be here next time.

Still, I did get 25 litres of diesel at Inter, 16 cents cheaper than locally, thus knocking €4 off the €22.5 running costs for the round trip. So a small mercy. But very sad after all the wonderful things I have said about the French health service recently, all justified.


You should go to someone like ‘Ecoutervoir’ who have a big High street pretence. You should get an RDV within a week or so and your doctor’s referral will ensure you can get hearing aids for free if you have a mutuelle.

Excellent service, quick easy and very professional.


Our new doctor has gone on holiday for a month, ie all of July.
On Keldoc it says that she has no locum.
I feel hopeful that if I really did need to see a doctor straight away, I would be able to get an appointment, which I always have if I have an infection.
As previously mentioned, she has come from Lyon and was probably appointed as she speaks English fairly well.
However, she has brought her large city mentality with her and refuses to send prescriptions by e-mail, which involves a round trip of 30k.
I understand that it is impossible to change your MT as you are lucky to have one.


Thanks JohnBoy I’ll have a look online and see if there is one near, well no further than 50 kms, nothing is near here. :roll_eyes: :slightly_smiling_face:

@Jane_Williamson not entirely impossible, depends on your luck where you live of course. As I mentioned elsewhere, I made the change to one much nearer recently with no fuss or bother.

This appointment was supposed to have been made by our old one, whether she did or not I don’t know, but not according to the secretary yesterday.

I’d have been spitting tacks - that’s no way to treat anyone.

I really do worry that the French health service is full of doctors who behave much as they did in the UK in the 70’s, think they are God and that you should be grateful for whatever crumbs of succour fall from their lofty tables.

I’d have made a point of opening it, in front of her, and reading it.

Don’t worry too much (it’s bad for one’s health). :wink:
From my experiences with Doctors locally and even in Corsica … I can assure you that the Excellent Doctor Finlay is alive and well and still working hard here in France…

As everywhere and in all situations… there are good and bad and in-betweens… but there are also the excellent folk who do go that extra mile for their patients/clients/whatever…

Absolutely brilliant love it :rofl:

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So sorry to hear about your wasted trip :japanese_ogre: . Do let me know if I can help with calls or anything x

I meant in the intervening period, when I was there I made her open and read it. It was merely a description of my problem and a request to give me a suitable test. No mention of the rdv date unfortunately. The letter was dated in February but I am almost certain that she (our then doctor) told me of the date and time at the previous visit.

A cock-up has been made somewhere, either our doctor or the secretariat at the clinic, but what I am certain of is that I didn’t make it. As the whole point of the test, emphasised in the letter, was that I had trouble with French particularly on the telephone, it is almost inconceivable that she would have made me make the call.

If I do make another appointment, and btw, why didn’t this woman allow me to make one there and then, I did ask if I could, I will verify it in the week before the new date.

@toryroo Thank you, not sure I want to pursue it further to be honest, but if I do I’ll give you a call. :grinning: How’s the ankle btw, hope it is much better by now. :slightly_smiling_face:

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My thought also.

Not great, been out of my aircast 10 days and still some swelling, not managed to find a physio yet, all ‘leave a message and we’ll call you’. Swam a few laps Sunday smd swelling that night. Missing my tennis tournament but will keep swimming and aqua gym to build strength. Thanks for asking :smile:

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That’s bad, can’t remember how we got our physio for Fran, but …yes I do, got Gill to ring when she was here looking after Fran and he replied an hour or so later. No trouble at all. Just pot luck then. Hope you manage to get it organised soon, mind you, after 20 sessions Fran was still no more mobile than when he started.

Don’t tell me that, I want to be back in the court by the end of the month and wanted to do a 5km run for breast cancer in October in memory of my sister who died last year. Really need the physio to work!

Ah but you have youth on your side, I really do hope you can get it sorted soon, very best wishes from me. :smiley:

There is an Ecoutervoir in Nontron, not far from you I believe?

Thank you, I’ll check it out today if I can, very busy though and much to do.

I made an appointment with the one in Angouleme. Went there with my ordonnance from the MT only too be told that actually I had to go to the hospital clinic first and see the consultant for a hearing test who would then give me another ordonnance to take back to Ecoutevoir who would sort out any hearing aids required.

Hearing referrals… this seems to be (or to have been) at sixes and sevens…
A few years ago, our Doc told OH to go the Hospital for hearing tests… only that hospital no longer had the equipment and they sent him straight to some “whatever” enterprise… with whom I was not impressed…

Now, years later, Ecoutervoir seem to be very efficient…
Neighbours have been singing their praises only this afternoon… as we all waited for the mobile shop to arrive…

Incidentally, @David_Spardo … I am wondering if you might just have misunderstood about the RVous.

Our Doc is very helpful but even he has never made an appointment for us… except during a medical examination when he found OH in a possibly dangerous condition.
Then, he phoned the Specialist while we sat … and arranged for OH to be seen “straight away”… so we dashed off to get “seen and sorted”…


I did consider that, but if it was the case that she hadn’t made the appointment how on earth did I know the time, date and location? Non of these facts were on the sealed envelope to give to the specialist. Also she has made appontments for both of us in the past, once at least as we sat there before her. Her predecessor also made appointments on the phone during a consultation.