Well water connected to house

I have a well in the garden which is connected to the mains supply by an on/off tap so i can switch between the two it was like this when we moved here is this ok as i have no idea of the condition of the well water though it looks clear and have used it for the garden including the veg

Don’t know where you live John… but I would suggest you get the water tested at the local Laboratory that do such things. There is one near Perigueux… not expensive and gives peace of mind.

We are down in the Tarn

This website gives a superb list of all the approved Labs for this sort of thing… http://social-sante.gouv.fr/sante-et-environnement/eaux/article/laboratoires-agrees-pour-le-controle-sanitaire-des-eaux

scroll on down and look for your post code on the Table.

That is superb thanks

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