Well water pipe?

I discovered a pipe coming from a wall in what is now our porch. The place used to be a stable. I wondered one day, not being a fan of spiders, if there were any in it. So i put the vacuum hose over it and switched on. I turned off right away when WATER came out.

So.... i am thinking that this likely comes from the water source that runs in the ground through our small hamlet. Both our neighbours have wells, we don't.

Anyone else had something like this?

Free water would be wonderful ~ even if it is just for the garden.


I love all this sort of stuff. Both of my houses here have had wells. My present house has a 12m deep well with a steady 1m of water in it. It dried up in 2012 for a few weeks, apparently the first time in known history. I've got a pump in it for veggie patch watering. Talk of eau de vie reminds me I must check my Vin de Noix & Griottes a l'eau de vie to see if they are ready to bottle :-)

Yes it is interesting Vic. I endeavour to ask the farmer round the corner who remembers his parents having this place when it was half stable/half eau d'vie brewing empire. Perhaps I'll get an old fashioned pump on it.

Probably not a well. A vacuum cleaner would only have enough suction to lift water a few feet, certainly not enough suction to lift water up from a long forgotten well. Interesting though!!