We're all doomed!

As this is officially the most depressing day of the year...cold, debt from Christmas piling up etc here's some good music to cheer you up:
and a book with an irresistible title "The Coffee Table Book of Doom" by Steven Appleby and Art Lester to cheer you up...well it will if you have a warped sense of humour like me and just to look on the bright side...things could be worse...you could have booked a cruise!

I have that very same warped sense of humour and agree, flippancy is good, very good!

No - I think flippancy is good! Think how DULL life would be if everyone took life seriously all the time!!!

Feel a little sorry for the Cruise ship Captain who has already been "hung out to dry" by the Company - and I do not believe that they have gathered all available evidence already!! It may turn out to be his fault - and for sure he will take responsibilty - but I think the Co have been a bit quick with their condemnation!!

Yes, I think my NY resolution should be "I must learn to be less flippant"....A cruise in any shape or form is my idea of holiday hell but I do genuinely feel for those who were caught up in what was a terrifying experience.

Had to smile! :-) Not likely to book a cruise anyway, but if I did it certainly wouldn't be on one of those floating cities!! Have to feel sympathy though for all those who had planned a January Get-Away - and didn't get very far!!