Were you worried about Brexit? Don't be!

Some of you may have followed my post on getting a carte vital and be worrying about leaving the EU. I can tell you don't be!! I was registering for RSA in St Ouens la gameville, I recommend these offices hugely, lovely people who inscribed us for RSA immediately and sent us to the CPAM next door.

I was was met by lovely chap who inscribed Philippe for a carte vitale immediately and told me exactly what I had to do with the letter from HMRC.

and here is where the story gets relevant. This will be so much easier for you when you are outside the EU. We can give people outside the EU a card vital and a free mutual straight away. It's only when you are European we require all these papers!!!!!!!!!

I'm currenty helping an american lady get her carte vitale. Because she had to provide lots of financial info to get her visa and titre de sejour she was told she may not have to provide that again. We took her first form (and everything about residency) to the CPAM office on Friday and everything was in order-she now awaits the inevitable letter whuch will say there is sonething missing !!