What a fabulous wedding

Did you watch the royal wedding? I did and loved it. I was watching it on Sky (not on French tele) with some other Brits. Our lovely hostess had gone to town on Pimms, sandwiches - egg, smoked salmon, beef, cucumber - strawberries and cream, and of course, champagne. She had even strung up Union Jack bunting outside and strewn red, white, and blue balloons over the floor.

The BBC did us proud with tv coverage (although ITV had the cheerier reporting apparently), the Royal Family did us proud with ceremony, and the Middletons did us proud with their dignity and style. We cheered the appearance of Kate, admired her beautiful dress which reflected her radiance as a happy bride and were moved as she made her way up the aisle.

Her brother read the lesson with amazing professionalism especially when you consider he is only 23 and not used to such occasions, and the Bishop of London gave us a thoughtful sermon.

The crowds were simply spectacular. I was all the more impressed because I don’t like crowds, and being in such a huge sea of people would have filled me with anxiety. As I’m small, I tend to get lost in lots of people, can see nothing, and my throat is at elbow level of many tall men. From experience, this is risky. So I looked at the mass of heads when the Royal party were on the balcony with awe. The noise must have been awesome too. No wonder Kate said ‘Oh wow’ when she came out.

I had to go back to work during the afternoon and it was strange how the atmosphere of the royal wedding lingered with me. I had various things to do but it was difficult concentrating. When I got home I put the television on to see if there was anything about it on. Sadly it had stopped and I had to wait until the 10 o’clock news before I got to see the bits I’d missed.

Reflecting on the meaning of it all, the royal couple represent every single Brit. They draw us together at moments like this bringing out our communal feelings of belonging to the nation. No politician can do that in a healthy way (thinking of the more extreme ones who overdid their nationalistic pulling together!). Our royal family is unique in the world for bringing people together.

William and Catherine have their work cut out as a newly wed royal couple, but as a nation we so want them to do well, to be happy and successful in their marriage. While many of us fail and get divorced, it seems important that the family that represents us does its best to be an example. We need good role models, and the Cambridges who obviously really love each other are dignified, restrained and dutiful. These are all traits which have sunk into unpopularity with much of the population because they involve self-denial, but the quality of people who are honourable shines out. We admire the dignified and dutiful, we don’t admire the undignified amongst the royal entourage (yes I’m looking at you, Sarah F). If they want us to admire them, they have to behave accordingly. Respect is earned, and William and Catherine certainly set by a huge store of respect and goodwill yesterday.

Today I have devoured the papers looking at coverage of everything from the best and worst-dressed (those poor York girls!), the photos, the reports of every aspect of the wedding. Most have been full of admiration for the royal couple and the Middletons, especially Pippa whose bottom dress mesmerized the male population as she followed her sister up the aisle. One article by Dr David Starkey (advertising his book) was unnecessarily sneery and pointless (and attracted the following comment from one reader: “What an opportunistic, myopic, curmudgeonly old git. I can give Mr Starkey 6 years but I hope that I will never become such a sad old bugger.”), and David Aaranovitch who doesn’t understand the national feeling and tries to be cuttingly above it, but these were the only two that I read. It’s been so quiet here with everyone away, I have been able to conjure up again the moments of the wedding and the feelings of hope tinged with a little worry for the royal couple.

I hope they make it, we all hope they make it - they enthralled us with an amazing start, I hope the rest of their lives lives up to that moment. Oh, and I hope they enjoy their honeymoon in peace. Having given of themselves so much yesterday, they deserve some privacy now to get over it!

I watched on MSN, as my husband was watching the IPL cricket (from India), he was as determined NOT to watch it as I was to watch it !!! A simply lovely wedding, everything for the couple ! the enormity of the occasion didn’t detract, despite the press!I found their choice of “trees” etc gave an intimacy which is difficult to create in a building with such height!I felt involved!

Apparently there’s a Facebook page for ‘Princess Beatrice’s ridiculous Royal Wedding hat’. It has nearly 103,000 fans lol

You have put into words what most of us felt about the day. I watched it all on French TV & the presenters did indeed do a very good job, seeming every bit as excited as the BBC lot would have been.The only bit they fell down on was not knowing many of the “celebs” in the congregation… but then neither did I at times!I had my fancy wedding hat on - much to the delight of the pets who thought the feathers were great to play with - & thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the day.And yes… the York girls looked like Cinders ugly sisters…why on earth doesn`t someone tell them how awful their outfits & hats are??

Phil - I hadn’t thought of the ad aspect of it. I agree with you, it would have been extremely annoying.

Jay - the point is not agreeing, but writing a comment that adds something to the discussion. Sniping adds nothing as I think you’ll agree. Constructive criticism or explaining your opinion does.

Angela - I’m glad you enjoyed it. I think most of us did because we are, as Phil points out, Proud to be British!

Well said/written. It was a magnificent occasion…I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.

Nice work Sarah! Well done with your observations on The Royal Wedding. It was just what the country needed to lift the spirits, and both the Royals and the BBC did their bit to show the rest of the world that we still do pomp & ceremony better than anyone else.

I take on board what was said about ITV producing a more light-hearted version of events, but personally I don’t want a day like this to be ruined in a “tabloid” frenzy, and to be peppered with ads for MacDonalds, sanitary towels and Andrex thank you very much.

I did take a few minutes break from the BBC, just to see if the “TV feed” was the same for all stations and countries around the world, but this was with one of the French channels, and they too provided the right level of decorum that “auntie” gave us all day.

Huw Edwards, Fiona Bruce as the main anchors, as well as the younger commentators scattered around the capital, gave a refreshing younger perspective on the day, in particular Matt Baker, Fearn Britton and Matt Allbright [not 100% sure of the spelling of his surname].

The only time I switched channels or turned the sound down was when they switched to the lovely Berkshire village of Kate’s childhood, Bucklebury. This is an area we used to live in before our Devon days, but the screeching of that One Show presenter’s high pitched whining Welsh voice in my ears drove me to the mute button. Only one saving grace was that she didn’t have Chris Evans with her.

Gladly she didn’t ruin my day totally, as the pageant of the whole BBC presentation made me [and I’m glad to say it seems, MOST of the SFN membership too from the blogs already posted], PROUD TO BE BRITISH!!

The End!!!

I’m actually tempted to delete Mr Albus’s comment…

Thank you for your kind comments everyone, except Jay who didn’t seem to have had a lovely day and thinks we are interested.

I was at work, but I made Bunting and strung it up above my desk, Red, White and Blue in my hair and made cookies for my workmates. We crouded arount the PCs to see the juddering internet images of catherine arriving and up to the “I dos”… then unfortunately had to get back to some work!

Tha amazing thing is that there were 12 different nationalities watching with me, and everyone loved it as much as me. A Royal Wedding really is universal.

It was wonderful and Kate, what a fantastic sister you are to allow your little sister to look so stunning - on your wedding day! Just watched the news this evening and apparently Pippa Middleton is now one of the most eligible females in the UK!

You are master at putting down in words what so many of us are thinking and unable to express literally. I agree with everything you said, not to mention the first paragraph. The Royal Wedding will certainly be day stored in my memory bank for all the right reasons. Living aboard,and feeling sometimes removed from whats going on in the UK, it filled me with nothing but pride and joy.

I’d have Harry but then I have a thing for gingers…