What a terrible way for this young girl to start the year

No evidence whatsoever other than they happily participated in a gang bang (medical evidence on this one).

So clearly not stand up guys. Whatever culture they come from.,

Please stop trying to defend thee indefensible…


That’s just making excuses Mary. Kids go off to these places after their A levels to let off steam. They are young, they are naive and the tour companies, local authorities and local night spots all have a duty of care. Just getting them there, getting them pissed , taking all their money and sending them home again is not on. These little shits were Israelis, not sex starved Saudis. They knew exactly what they were doing. Real “Frat house” stuff. They’d have their collective arses kicked from one end of Israel to the other if they did it at home.


Woah I am making excuses for no one

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No it wasn’t Mary - it was Peter G and Anna W

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Brits travelling abroad have a terrible reputation and I fear this young woman has received unsympathetic treatment from the Cypriot authorities as a consequence.


Well Anna I was no angel and in the interests of full disclosure let me recount one occurrence which I’d regard as somewhat similar… keep it to yourself :shushing_face: It was the long hot summer of ‘76 and a bunch of us students were sharing a mixed (well it became so) dormitory in a German Gherkin factory (Carl Kühne no less). Now, what with the heat, the activity of gherkin packing and the alluring aroma of malt vinegar and, it has to be admitted, the odd joint, young passions did occassionaly get ignited and now and then various fumblings changing to rhythmical sounds could be discerned in the dark recesses of the Dorm. Those of us not so engaged rolled over, went to sleep and wouldn’t dream of mentioning the matter in the morning.

On the otherhand, these young, uncouth bastards thought it was funny to burst in, humiliate the girl and video the matter. As the victim’s Mother pointed out, even if the original act was consensual the mere act of videoing it without her consent made it rape.
Leaping to my conclusions based on scant prima facie evidence, I have decided that a young nineteen year old foreign girl has been stitched up by a bunch of swarthy misogynist cops and a corrupt judge in order to avoid offending the Israeli (or any other) Frat boy, Spring Break brigade.

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She’s not a football supporter Tim. This is a much more serious issue than anglophobia.

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What exactly does the “duty of care” of your travel companies, bars, restaurants, discos and local authorities consist of?

Providing chaperones for young women as they go out at night to bars and parties? Policing the bedrooms of hotels and boarding houses to ensure that young men who are feeling lucky have a cold shower before getting ideas of scoring with a girl? Checking out the credentials and amorous intentions under oath of each couple in a potentially romantic encounter? Putting up notices in restrooms and toilets to avoid talking to or looking directly at members of the opposite sex lasciviously or wantonly, with illustrative examples of pouts, fluttered eyelashes, or ‘risky’ embonpoints?

The whole idea is preposterous! It’s the frisson of risk, adventure and disinhibition that drives the market and everyone knows it. Nobody is going to kill the goose that lays that particularly golden egg.

Swarthy cops? Not greasy wops as well?
Now we’re getting to the heart of the matter. Good old English xenophobia and racism coming out. Not surprising though.

Let’s take them one by one Peter. A tour operator should ensure that all their destinations are safe or disclose otherwise. For example a night in the Vatican and a night in downtown Jo’burg should have different ratings. I think Ayia Napa should have a zero star rating or maybe even a travel advisory until this matter is resolved (this of course is what is freaking the powers that be there out). Bars, restaurants and night clubs should not be able to get people pissed out of their minds and then just turf them out. Local authorities should ensure visitors are safe on their streets and protected from exploitation, These are resorts not wilderness holidays.

I’m not defending what allegedly happened. But I am saying it was avoidable. I can see I’m in a minority here but I still say she showed poor judgment to the point of naivity to get herself into that situation. I’m sure a lot of girls do the same and get away with it, doesn’t mean they weren’t taking a risk, just means they were luckier.

If you seriously expect tour companies, local authorities and nightspots to feel they have any duty of care, I think you are ignoring reality. These are, technically, adults. Can you imagine how most Brits on holiday would react if anyone tried to stop them partying and “letting off steam”? As Tim says, they have a reputation, for a reason.


Believe it or not Peter not everything comes down to racism


They burst in - but in fact it was their hotel room as well…

Gotcha! I was debating whether to go with “swarthy” cops or “swarthy” waiters but I thought I’d throw you a line with “misogynist”, but it whizzed right by your head :sweat_drops:
My point is that it looks like a bunch of frat boys took on a 19 year old girl and a bunch of big, male cops, instead of protecting her, stitched her up. That’s not a good look for any Country Peter.



Clutching at straws now Anna? It was my dorm too but I managed to mind my own business :blush:

The use of the word “swarthy” to describe foreigners, although rather more Rudyard Kipling and Robert Louis Stevenson than Ian Rankin, is a racist give-away, Mary.

I wouldn’t yield to anyone on that matter, even you :smiley::hugs:

Looks like the Season of Goodwill to all Women and Men has got off to a roaring start…:star_struck::hugs:

I’ll swap you a definition of “ Swarthy which means dark skinned. If you like tall, dark and handsome men, you find a swarthy complexion attractive. Not everyone with dark skin is swarthy . The word is usually used to describe someone whose skin is weather beaten and darkened by the sun, or has an olive complexion. For one one of misogynistic.


You swarthy old devil.

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