What about that!

You may ask me what about what?????There are a lot of things going on in France at the moment.

That Gégé Depardieu wishes to become Russian and has Vladimir Poutine's veto,and there I really wonder why. Poutine does not give me the impression of being a conciliant President, so what is all this about.

That Gégé D loves swilling down Vodka morning to night is up to him, but he can stay in France for that and join in with the rest of the population paying his taxes, it would be a help for the modest french people who have to pay THEIR taxes.

Hang on, before you click on your mouse to pass to another blog, thinking what i am writing is just common news, why is Brigitte Bardot warning us that she also will join Gégé her big friend and apply for russian citizenship, because I do not know who will not save two elephants.

Yes I love elephants, not to near to them though in case they give me good kick, or even worse.

Is there anybody else on SFN who would like to join the queue in Moscow, hoping to receive the same favours from Poutine, or maybe if you do not agree with an order he gives you, you will be sent straight to the salt mines, and no way to come back.

No can do, they infringe every clothing habits in France :-)

bit too chilly for me

but maybe less bureaucratic !


I guess M. Depardieu can afford his heating costs in Russia. I wouldn't risk it myself since hearing talk that the clowns running the UK at the moment are thinking about cutting the winter fuel allowance to pensioners.

I suggest anyone contemplating the move to Russia do a search on YouTube about Russian drivers. Makes French drivers look pretty tame.

Guess Depardieu is way ahead of us, escaping the looming socialist state of France and moving to a former socialist state. Putin and Depardieu have known each other for quit a time so the offer from Putin isn't too strange.

But then again, French socialist senators successfully protesting over a proposal that would cut their heating allowances of over 4000 euros a month aren't exactly the good examples we need.....

How the mighty are falling: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-20907359 and http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2013/jan/03/vatican-city-tourists-card-payments

Depardieu pales into insignificance with such stories around.

Oh, Let them all go. I am on the mailing list of an elephant rescue charity who wish to set up a reservation here in France. They put out a bulletin saying BB has nothing to do with them. I did not notice Gégé D mentioned at all, but perhaps that large, thick skinned beast belongs in another reservation, sum ergo Russia.