What are you thankful for?

Hi all, I thought it would be nice to start a positive topic as it was lovely to see Ann post how thankful she was for this site. So let’s all say what we are thankful for, whether that is generally or during the current crisis. I have 2 things I want to share:

1 I’m thankful that I have a job that allows me to work from home which means I am still being paid in full and I am occupied all day during the week.

2 I’m thankful that Sainsbury’s Jaffa Cakes do not contain palm oil and I can eat them with abandon (unlike the leading brand which do).

Peace to you all
Izzy x


I am glad that I can still go out to work because being stuck at home would do my mental health no good, and I live very close to some good shops so I don’t have to go far for essentials


Not living in USA!


That my family and friends are all safe and well.


Yes Tracey I was going to post that one as well. I am thinking particularly of my friends that are nurses, doctors and health care assistants. Thankfully they are all safe and well at the moment but it’s a big worry.
Izzy x


I know this will sound trite… but it is true none the less…

I am thankful to wake up every morning and to find my husband is still alive even if he is still asleep… :smile:


No Stella, not trite at all, very touching.
Izzy x

Nice idea. Thankful eternally for having had a safe but adventurous childhood outdoors & in green spaces.


That we are lucky to have a big garden and beautiful roses at the moment. And an acacia tree buzzing away with all sorts of busy bees. And that the 100km circle goes way further than we would ever want to go for the foreseeable future!


Similar thing in our house, every time I get up I hear a little voice say ‘damn’. :unamused:


Ditto :hugs:




That despite constant chasing away by my wife the three beautiful stray cats residents in the garden for three years now), still come for their early morning stroke from me. It is wonderful that although I can’t hear them - I can see their mouths chattering at me, and when I stroke them I can feel the purring.
Sets me up for the day!
Oh the first words I hear in my head at least ‘Gawd are you still here?’ At least I like to think they are my words in MY head :yum:


Life in general.


We have the acacia blossoms blowing all around us, but hopefully, we are looking forward to some honey from our neighbour’s bees.
What is this rose?
My Claire Austen is flowering and my Just Joey has just put out its first flower.


It is Fritz Nobis, from David Austin of course! https://www.davidaustinroses.co.uk/fritz-nobis
It is now the second oldest rose in the garden and has never been so full of blossoms, whereas old age and hot dry summers have done for many others. Claire Austin is a lovely rose.

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No Regrets

I opened my eyes

And what did I see

An old man sleeping

Long side of me

His eyes now grown dim

And body all bent

Fingers so gnarled

His vigour now spent

So I close my eyes

To shut out the pain

To see him before me

A young man again

Eyes with a sparkle

Thick curly hair

An ardent lover

With plenty of flair

But where was this man

When I’d troubles to share

Always out working

With no time to spare

So I open my eyes

And I snuggle up tight

I whisper “I love you”

Cos I know this feels right

This man is so tender

And endlessly kind

The one that I’ve waited

A life time to find


A friend sent me this : http://player.vimeo.com/video/58611141?autoplay=1
Great images and the European hymn. Seeing all those people is a reminder of ‘before Covid-19’.

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So happy I am retired and not having to wrestle with the problems of import export.
So grateful for my wife’s company. Without that companionship lockdown would be impossible for me.


I’m so thankful for :

Being blessed with stunning good looks
A wonderful body
Superb personality

And a brilliant sense of humour…