What are you watching?

Since we moved to France we’ve found that we don’t tend to watch that much TV, I used to buy box sets of my favourite TV series but then we discovered Netflix. I’m very happy that tonight House of Cards returns for the fourth series.

I'm also in the middle of watching Suits with the hubby and Pretty Little Liars when I'm on my own.

I'm interested to find out more decent series though to line up. In the past we've liked Grays Anatomy, House, The West Wing, House of Cards, ER and I've liked Desparate Housewives, Devious Maids, Revenge & Downton Abbey.

I can't do anything too dark and sinister - no evil drug gangs etc as it gives me nightmares! Seriously!

So my question is can you recommend any series and what is on your viewing list?

I am not ashamed to say that I have been watching 'Call the Midwife' every sunday night

and have loved every moment of it. It is a place and a period where life was real and

every aspect of reality is captured within the production. Sadness, weakness, love and

compassion written and produced so beautifully.

Ancient YouTube vids of Fry and Laurie... "Jeeves"
Also David Suchet as Poirot
The many different Agatha Christie vids
And Inspector Morse.
There's always.."Qi"...these are all for watching at bedtime with cocoa.

i think all Countries have differences in what can be watched, i actually view Netflix through the computer using the Chrome browser and the Hola extension which gives access to all the programs from anywhere then using Chromecast can send it to the TV

I'm jealous, with a busy tabac to run I just haven't got the time to watch much télé. Waiting for the next l'amour est dan le pré, capital, c à vous, des racines et des ailes, échapée belles, envoyé spécial, but none of them regularly :-( And after more than 10 years I still haven't got round to getting English TV for the kids :-O

I have searched these titles on Netflix but they don’t come up. Is there a difference between French and English Netflix?

Hi Dan, thanks for this, will note those down. Scandal we like too, I’d forgotten about that one. I managed till 9pm on series 1 of 24 and then got annoyed with it. a friend explained breaking bad was fantastic but too on hearing about severed heads on tortoises I could only imagine the dreams I would have! Mr robot was good until the cold turkey moment which then freaked me out at night. I’m a sensitive thing ha ha. We don’t yet have French TV but will have once we’ve finished the house (mid renovation and inhabitable). Yes look forward to getting a good list ready for next winter. It’s my way of switching off my brain before I go to sleep (hence why scary things don’t work…they do the opposite and keep me awake)