What are your top 3 tunes?

I’ll start you off:
- Bruce Springsteen - Better days
- Rod Stewart - Spotlight
- The Pogues - Rainy Night in Soho (When I stepped into her arms)
Too much info. Over to you.

I have to say AL Stewart's year of the Cat was special and The Four Tops...

Baby I need your loving.

It is clear to see how much Freddy Mercury has done for British music

lovers....probably the world.

Anything from Leonard Cohen (I'm Canadian eh!)

Africa - Toto

Fairy Tale of New York - The Pogues

Anything from Queen

No Woman No Cry - Bob Marley

Love the Boss. got two tickets for his gig in Paris in July - Can't wait.

Looking forward to "Better Days" - "half way to heaven and just a mile out of hell and I feel I'm coming home"

You can't beat it.

Closing Time ...Leonard Cohen

O Mio Babbino Caro - sung by Carmen Monarca

Born in the USA and Born to Run Bruce Springsteen

Yesterday Charles Aznavour

Most of Elton John

and thousands more (I can only listen to them if in the car on my own !!)

My OH : Nellie Lusher (don't ask !)

The Pearl Fishers duet


and we both like Frank Sinatra

Led Zeppelin : Stairway to Heaven

Love: Forever Changes

Al Stewart: Year of The Cat.


Love of My Life - Queen

All I Have - Beth Nielsen Chapman

All of the Everley Brothers (if allowed)!

Peter Green....Man of the World.

Jose Feliciano.....In my life.

Show must Go on.....Freddy Mercury.

oh oh......Stairway to Heaven....Led Zep.

Ok, my current top 3 of all time;

  1. Ultravox - Vienna
  2. Eurythmics - Love is a Stranger
  3. Yazoo - Too Pieces



Thank you very much indeed. No rush.


Don't mind the musette type stuff but I can't stand the Victorian or Edwardian drawing-room music. Give me garage or techno anytime for example ! My worst nightmare would be to spend an evening listening to G & S ! Aghhhh !

Don't know about the stylus Clive as I have yet to try it - I will read the gubbins and tell you but the speed adjustment slider control is on the right of the arm and the pitch adjustment at the front on the same side. I'm busy at the moment preparing for a house visit (sunday !) but i'll get back to you. Regards


Thank you. I joined this archive in 2011.



That makes an interesting change from the instruments most people play. In the early decades of commercial recording - 1890s to 1920s - lots of cornet solos were recorded. Primitive systems of acoustic recording and playback were kind to the instrument, in the days when some other instruments recorded disastrously.

My tastes are similar, plus lieder, chanson, chamber music, Victorian an Edwardian drawing-room songs and piano music, piano music in general, and orchestral music preferably live in a concert hall rather than on records or the wireless. Some good stuff in some modern musicals, but I also love the musicals of the 20s and 30s - No, No, Nanette, Desert Song, Rose Marie, Rio Rita, Viktoria and Her Hussar, Show Boat, and many more. Also 1910s, 20s and 30s dance bands, and some music hall and comic entertainers. Oh yes, and French Musette accordian bands.

Hi Peter,

Thank you. Lots of these for sale and details in English. Could be just the job. Pitch adjustment must mean speed adjustment, which I need. But on none of the sites where it's advertised can I see what kind of stylus cartridge it comes with. Is it the flip-over type microgroove/78, or does it have the kind where you push in and pull out different styluses? Ideally for 78s, you need several different sizes of stylus, because groove widths and depths varied from label to label and year to year (just as speeds did) in the early days. Also, is it easy to adjust the weight the pickup bears down on the record? Sorry to disappoint you, but I doubt if any Gigli records are worth much, except maybe a couple of his early acoustic (pre-electric ones) or ones on rare makes of record. Same goes for Caruso, except rarities on 1902 International Zonophone and some Pathé vertically cut discs. At the moment, I am playing my 78s on my acoustic gramophones, but they don't cope well with "modern" 78s - i.e. post about 1935 for most labels. And of course I cannot play any of my LPs or 45s at the moment. Thanks for your interest. Be careful if you junk for 78s in France, where vertically cut Pathés were much more popular than in the UK. They won't play on a standard gramophone or record player because they need a specially angled soundbox/pick up and type of needle or stylus. Also some start their playing from the centre, which can mean that you switch them off before they start as you move the pick-up across to the centre! Thanks for all your help.

Cool music Bruce.

Miles Davis was as good as they get and Blakey on drums was a one-off.




Just 3 of hundreds of versions of mine

Oh an add-on tip - Go to 'Community Audio' and in the search box type '78's' or eras 1930's etc. 'Opera' is now a stand-alone with almost all the known operas plus rock-operas, and Operettas, inc. Gilbert & Sullivan.

I typed out a longer reply which got swallowed by this wretched BoBrowser that has infested my computer.

I will keep this shorter - you guys should all visit www.archive.org and see the raft of re-recordings (on MP3) for free and legal downloading.

Incredible American site!