What can be done about libellous comments on Facebook?

I have been verbally atttacked by someone on Facebook - they did delete me as a friend first, but not my husband nor my daughter - both of whom have reported the abuse to Facebook. The offending comments have been removed from their newsfeed but remain onthe perpetrators wall and in the newsfeed of the 18 people we shared as mutual friends.

It is blunt capital letter “Jeremy Kyle” style abuse. This person has also claimed that I sent loads of private messages and that they are going to publish then on Facebook - I sent ONE message privately! This persons other friends (who don’t know me!!) have also made rather unpleasant comments about me.

I was really shocked when this all kicked off on Tuesday evening (and upset, if I’m honest!) but I have calmed down now and am currently ignoring the situation which I know is the sensible thin to do.

However, I would like these comments removed but can’t find a way of contacting Facebook - it would appear that they take the attitude that “ignore it and it’ll go away” which, of course, it will but that’s hardly the point - the abuse is still there and it makes me feel uncomfortable, to say the least.

Any ideas???

You aren’t making a fuss about nothing Lucinda - but there are better things to make a fuss about. Apart from this rather pathetic stupid person is your life generally ok? As ok as life can be? The sun is shining, we have a rotten personal banker but I can still be happy because I am ok, and my husband is ok, and the cog (part dog part cat) is ok, and the cats are ok. Go on Youtube and find a bit of Gloria Gaynor (I will survive) - and sing it out loud while dancing round the room. And surely you can’t be older than me? At 48 I now accept that some people are schtoopit. Those of us who aren’t just have to deal with it!

I think that you are doing the correct thing to ignore it all. It can be hurtful to see things written about you, especially when they are not true, but don’t be tempted to respond, rise above it all and you will feel better in the end. Make sure that you block the person from yours and your families profiles.

Absolutely agree and trust me that any such episodes would be summarily dealt with. Smacked bums all round…:slight_smile:

I know xactly what u mean Lucinda - and I hate it too - bit like when people spread vicious rumours about one verbally. It’s cowardly - if they are a friend and they have a problem with you why not deal person to person (phone or face 2 face) rather than ranting on. Don’t think it WOULD happen on here - we’re all too lovely! But yes they would! When stuff of that sort has happened to me in the past I draw on the advice that Laura Ingalls’ mother gave her in Little Town on the Prairie - live it down. Gosh I’m sad. And also - it’s their loss!

Very good point Alison, totally agree…

I have done some web searching and indeed, there does not seem to be a direct contact method…sorry!

I don’t think there IS any easy way to contact facebook about it - they just get people to log queries in the help centre and you may or may not get some sort of response. I doubt whether they’d remove the comments anyway, seeing it as up to the individual user. Honestly, don’t worry about it. Your mutual friends know that their comments are unfounded and as for their friends who don’t know you - who gives a toss about them? You know you’re a good human being and that’s all that matters!


I am not sure exactly what you can do and you can involve the law as there was a recent case in the UK I think (there was one in the US that resulted in a court case).

Have you checked the Facebook help pages on abuse?