What changes after 1st February 2020?

things will change… but life goes on…

Oh dear! Should I expect dark looks, curled lips or muttered curses in the queue at la Boulangerie ? :thinking::slightly_frowning_face:

if they are muttering… will be due to these increased bills, nothing to do with you or I…

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I’ve just taken a call from a (tearful) French colleague, assuring me that she and everyone else would continue to “hold us in their hearts”… she went on so long, she almost had me in tears too… :hugs: :anguished:

Wasting no time, just had an email from the Mairie to tell us that, as a consequence of Brexit my wife will not be able to vote in the forthcoming local elections.
“Here’s your hat, what’s your hurry!”:cry:

Mmmmm… the Union Jack will be flying at various Classic-Car shows… wherever there is a display-stand of British cars… :hugs:

Guess that means relegated to history, Stella.

But a glorious history… British Classics are still considered among the very best, by many folk of all nationalities…

and… these cars are driven throughout France and elsewhere… much enjoyed and appreciated by the Owners… :hugs: and all this started long before the EU came into being…

I also came into being long before the EU.
I hope the locals will regard me as a historical curiosity, worthy of preservation!

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I feel so much more Sovereign already and it is not even 11pm in UK yet.

I’m going to start taking back control tomorrow, not sure what of yet…probably something to do with beer though.


I too hope to start taking back control tomorrow - but my wife won’t let me.


Except the ones with Lucas

I went with a friend to Libourne earlier this week to get a Quitus Fiscale to enable registering of their UK car in France. The lady warned us that it had to be done before 31st January as they did not know what they would be doing with them from 1st February onwards.

It would appear that there is some confusion with what will/won’t happen during the transition phase.

Even “the prince of darkness” cannot quash their enthusiasm… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Not even a Bob or a Tanner, me. . . . . . !

Just been to the Mairie to sign up to the electoral roll (being German I can vote). Lady at the Mairie told me that on Jan. 31st our commune lost 10% of eligible votes due to Brexit. But so far only a few Brits are contemplating to go back. Will be interesting to see how many are making a beeline for France before the end of the year…

We are informed by a local immobilier that they are suddenly getting a lot of enquiries from Brits. Maybe hoping to jump ship before it finally disappears below the Atlantic waves?

Bugger - those bloody Belgians with over 300 identifiable beers got there before you!

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