What consumable item has lasted the longest since you arrived?

For me its soap, I have been here getting on for 7 years and only have 2 bars left having bought only 1 bottle of shower gel since I've been here.

Its not that I dont wash, but in the UK I would buy the contents of closed factories after the auctions had finished. Most of what I bought was industrial, but one time I ended up with mountains of soap its just about to run out. Now I dont think thats bad one or 2 showers a day for nearly seven years.

What your longest lasting consumable?

We have a big bag of "himalayan soap nuts" we use to wash clothes. It's about a 5 kilo bag, but they seem to just last forever.

I also still have a bottle of Crested ten whiskey that I brought here on my first trip from Ireland in 2006, left here as I travelled away from France for 3 years, came back, left it in the drinks cabinet, and only opened last year. There's still about 3 glasses left in it, but I drink Jameson, because Crested ten is harder to find in the area.

The last sachets of Indonesian "boemboe" a mix of exotic fried spices and herbs from Indonesia, used to prepare all kinds of magnificent dishes from the Indonesian cuisine. The last one is defying me from the shelf in the cellar, wispering "Turn me into a Rendang" every time I pass for the last seven years....