What do the French think of Brexit

Apart from “ils sont fous, les Anglais”

Anyone encountered French views on the subject?

I have been told to “go home” by a French neighbour - although it was entirely as a joke.

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Hope so :slight_smile:

Followed up the next day, shouted from his tractor “are you still here”!


haha that made me laugh. My Anglo-French discussion group has widely differing opinions although a few of my French buddies have supported the courage of the UK to face up to Europe (I’m paraphrasing their words). They understand the wish not to be governed by Brussels, a couple have strong views on immigration and applaud what they see as border control being restored … but unanimously they see Brexit as a disastrous financial decision. Apart from a couple, they’re all in favour of a French referendum on the same subject to test opinion.


Much like the English there are hugely polarised opinions. Our local friends tend to think it’s a bit mad to risk financial disaster and administrative disruption, but are generally not very interested. We are a long way from Paris, and world news is a low priority.

However recently we went to the birthday party of a friend who is a châtelain in Burgundy. Many of the guests were also châtelain/e, some having been in their château for hundreds of years. Unanimously they thought Brexit was a jolly good idea! Luckily the other half of the guests were pretty normal…

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almost all of my French friends and neighbours sympathise with all of the pain it is causing us.

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It’s certainly not a burning issue amongst local people where we live (in the Normandy bocage) where whole towns were reduced to rubble in living memory, and almost all families lost loved ones to German and even Allied bullets and shells.

Our ‘pain’ is a pale shadow in comparison, and probably they’re made of tougher stuff. I would think twice before bringing up Brexit unless directly asked, and would probably respond with “on verra” and a British stiffening of the lip :expressionless::uk:

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When I was walking in the village this morning i met a young French guy ( late 30’s)from the village, we chatted about britexit, his thoughts he just said we may not leave and the EU wouldn’t offer a good deal as others would then follow.
He said if France had a vote there would be a good change they would want to leave,and with all the protests they want their country back.

Also the EU got too big too quickly , and the 3-4 richer country’s are paying to make the poorer ones richer to try to make them the same as the richer ones and he didn’t agree with this.

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I hope you asked him where or who they ‘want their country back’ from?

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I think he was meaning from the government, so macron in this instance.

Last I saw Macron hadn’t nicked France.


I named one of my hens ‘macron’ because she was hatched on the day the featherless Macron was appointed President of the Republic. Like her counterpart she is completely gormless.

The same idiots here as in the UK then.


I see everyone’s a expert here, the wisest person is the one who can admit to knowing nothing.

Well that’s a pretty standard analysis, shared by many people in many different countries. Especially those who don’t look far beyond the headlines.

Really? That makes no sense at all especially to those who have invested a lot of time gaining an understanding. Mind you knowledge and understanding, like the truth and facts probably has very little value to the People…

Operation Yellowhammer
A secret plan by the British Government yo avoid the collapse of the country.

You seem very sure of your opinion, Barrie.
Is it open to further consideration, or have you made up your mind that you “know” it?