What do you have for breakfast?

I normally have muesli and OH has Special K…
but … sometimes… we have a treat…

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V - SpecialK chocolat noir
Moi - as per many hospitalisations - biscotte + compote after a daily dose of weetabix (1 biscuit).
Coming close now to porridge :neutral_face:

Cereal and milk adds up to quite a lot of sugar (even low sugar varieties) and, as a diabetic, I try to avoid that. I was surprised just how much sugar there is in milk.

Generally, I have a protein rich breakfast which is usually 2 boiled eggs with a little bread and proper butter. And always, always, always a cup of PG Tips.

I’ll leave those oysters to you Stella. Tried them once, not my thing at all.

They’re not normally my thing either… but it depends on the weather and the company… :relaxed:

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If i knew there were oysters on the breakfast table i’d stay in bed…

I make my own granola so can use only a small amount of maple syrup/golden syrup amd loads of dried fruit and seeds. Works out half the price of bought stuff and twice as tasty.

It’s surprising just how much sugar is added to breakfast cereals.

Weetabix is OK (2.5g/100g),I think shredded wheat has no added sugar at all AFAIK.


Yes it is. Even “healthy” cereals like Special K has loads. Graham mentioned the chocolat noir version which is 23% sugar. My favourite, Crunchy Nut Cornflakes, is about 35% sugar. I have Rice Krispies sometimes which are 8% sugar and I think that’s probably OK.

When you add up the total sugar content of a small portion of cereal it’s surprisingly high. Assuming a 30g portion of the Special K with 200ml of semi-skimmed (2%) milk that’s a sugar content of 17g (7 in the cereal & 10 in the milk). That’s 4 1/2 teaspoons.

Who wants to eat shredded wheat or weetabix without adding something sweet?

I have no problems with sugar… but I do object to finding it in absolutely everything (or so it seems). I found that at the end of one popular muesli packet… it seems to be mostly sugar that drops out…

Nowadays, I check the contents very carefully. I only buy: no added sugar, sans huile-de-palme, sans conservateurs, sans colorants… in fact … “no-nuffin” that isn’t natural and exactly what I want to eat…and I add cranberries too…

Do you find many Torys popping up in your breakfast Stella?

I’ve just realized what you meant… :relaxed::relaxed::relaxed:

Trouble is… I’m not always sure whether the words are English or French anymore… :thinking:

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You do, of course, have to be careful about using the word “preservatives” when living in France. They are a whole different type of thing here :wink:

I wouldn’t want to find a “preservative” in my muesli :grinning:


Tea with a dash of milk, coffee (black) if I can be bothered to make it, no sugar in either.

Allen do a no added sugar version - but it is flipping expensive !

A cup of rooibos tea (no milk), then a coffee with soy milk and occasionally a pot of soy ‘yoghurt’ .

Lots of black coffee and a danacol (cholesterol reducing) yogurt.

My next-door neighbour has been urging me to have blanched chicory hearts, chopped hard-boiled eggs and vinaigrette for breakfast every morning. He is quite relentless about this, and I have run out of excuses for not making it a habit.

I have tried it and it is a refreshing and acceptable way of starting the day for those well-accustomed to the experience, but…

I prefer coffee with a briochette or toasted and buttered wholegrain bread with lots of nuts and cranberries incorporated (it’s called Fagot athlétique), and English thick-cut ‘Seville’ marmalade.

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Actually, we had toast and marmalade for a quick lunch the other day… used up the last of a boule… and smothered the hot, crusty pieces with butter and “Christmas marmalade” (a Stella special :relaxed: )

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Bacon, egg tomato, mushroom and black coffee.

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2 dry biscuits dunked into a cup of hot water with 34% less sugar cocoa and a dash of milk. Yes I do know that breakfast is supposed to be healthy and set you up for the day !
Howeve, too many years of early rising and rushing around have left me with no real appetite in the mornings.