What do you think of a summer holiday in Cevennes?

Thinking of trying somewhere new for a holiday end of June, Instead of the usual jaunts to Italy or Provence, we thought we'd try the Cevennes.

We're traveling with a 2 year old, forest-loving little dude.

Anyone weigh in with some thoughts? Is there enough to do to keep mum and dad interested in exploring the region?


You can visit the glove makers in Millau and watch them at work. Amazing skills. I was astonished to find out how many bits of leather have to be sewn together to make just one pair of gloves.

And if you visit the Pont du Gard look for the ancient graffiti carved into the stones.

Oh yes the Pont du Gard is a must. see the olive bushes there also, but the way the stones are laid is just to realise how adapt older peoples were, all I could do is gaize at the structure and wonder. Millau is another lovely place to visit, and if you feel like treating yourself hand made gloves are a speciallity, also knives for the pilgrims. nice town overshadowed by the magnificent bridge. this could go on forever, maybe you should just move into the area for 6 months to cover all the suggestions :-)

Don't forget to see the pont du Gard on your way if you haven't already, well worth a detour ;-)

Happy to share our adventures... but we're not going for another 2 months!! Looking forward to experience a part of France we haven't seen yet. Any other tips, keep 'em coming! Cheers!!

Hey Deborah you started a good one I think, you have some great "adventures", I really hope you have a super holiday. Would it be possible for you to tell us some of it when you get back. Happy hols

Thanks Terry... I'd already mentally added the Steam Train (dude will LOVE that) and the Bambouserie on my agenda. Will look into the wolves, bison and horse drawn carriage too! I'd love to take him canoeing in one of the lazy water spots, but I'm not sure they'll allow kids under the age of 6 for rentals.... :-(

My wife is a Cevenole so I may be biased but I reckon it's one of the best areas of France.

St Jean du Gard is well placed as a centre. There's everything -- Anduze and its famous garden urns http://www.vases-anduze.com/, the Musee du Desert http://www.museedudesert.com/article5759.htm on the history of protestantism in the Cevennes, a steam train http://www.trainavapeur.com/ which among other things will take you to the Bambouseraie, a beautiful garden specialising in bamboos http://www.bambouseraie.com/, wonderful scenery -- go to the top of Mont Aigoual for a stunning view as far as the Alps and the Mediterranean (OK on a very clear day!) and to visit the met station (the highest manned station in France) http://www.aigoual.fr/.

Also look at http://www.cevennes-parcnational.fr/, http://vautours-lozere.com/, http://www.causses-cevennes.com/default.htm. The wolves are to be found in Lozere, close to Marvejols, http://www.loupsdugevaudan.com/theme/lozere/ the bison are also in Lozere http://www.bisoneurope.com/ -- take the horse-drawn carriage visit. There's also http://www.randals-bison.com/ but I can't say I like it there.

Enjoy your visit!

You guys are hilarioius... I'm sure I'll enjoy our adventure in the Cevennes, and have downloaded the book on my Kindle just now! cheers!! And the Gite does have resident donkeys.... oh dear.

Hey David I'm sat here with a big grin on my face with one, lets hope I don't meet a Modestine in the next few weeks I'll probably collapse laughing

Just checked on my bookshelf. The fair Modestine was the donkey. Something worth bearing in mind if naming a daughter.

Yes David well remembered but they did come to an arrangement in the end. By the way folks it's free on Kindle (uk)

I recall that RLS had great problems with his recalcitrant donkey. Well worth the read if you are going to the Cevennes.

I'm the other side of the Cévennes in the Aveyron and don't know St jean, just the rough area, my only thought was that the Cévennes are huge and for most of the time very very remote BUT tourisme is a big buisness there now. No shortage of walks and streams to swim in, can't comment too much on the cuisine but you need to like chestnuts!

I suppose we'd like to do small day trips based on our gite near St Jean du Gard. Nothing too far, as little dude will get bored from a long car ride. Some easy (toddler friendly) nature walks, swimming in the rivers. Picturesque villages to explore? Great local food to sample?

Great area, we based ouselves in Florac with the caravan, that was an interesting few Klilometers, so much to see. There are vultures european bison and wolves all abound in the area. Try reading travels with a donkey in cevanne RL Stevenson would you believe in fact you can still follow the journey, as much or as little as time allows, with a donkey also.

Fantastic area but it depends what you mean by enough to do, what do you want to do - visit historic sites or walk in the Cévennes and where - the area is huge...!