What do you think of your SF community? Should we make some changes?

(Mandy Davies) #62

Well said Catharine, good for you.

Apologies for spelling your name incorrectly.

(Carol Lokocki) #63

i agree with mandy Stella does a good job on Survive France personally i didnt read the scolding that Stella has been through so cannot say anything .all the best to everybody.

(Catharine Higginson) #64

No worries - I’m quite used to it!

(Peter Bird) #65

I fear me in charge would be like leaving an alcoholic in charge of a pub !!

(anon54681821) #66

im sure you would do a cracking job

(Glenn Beavis) #67

hmm and oh dear. I am not sure what happened in the scenario with Stella - the whys or wherefores…
ok shoot me… but can’t understand why a person so supportive to the community, with a great flow and keeping people interested. A view that has been very balanced, and almost always giving the benefit of doubt and not judging…sorry i don’t understand it.

On the people not getting on; and it appears there are maybe a few who have strong wills and personality. There are situations that require such, and also give views that others may not have thought of…but sometimes i would just like to lock you all in a room, make you get drunk together, shout at each other, scream at each other… and when you have run out of energy, hug each other.

(Peter Bird) #68

What about if we don’t drink ?

(anon54681821) #69

then your stuffed lol. or by time the end of day one you will be driven to it…

(Glenn Beavis) #70

Then behave ! :wink:

(stella wood) #71

Morning All…

I misunderstood something Cat said… that has now been sorted out.


It just goes to show how any and all of us can fall into the trap of the “misunderstanding”.

If (and only if) we change anything… let it be ourselves …we must remember we are all Human. :hugs::hugs::hugs:

I’m off to the Charente… friends have called for help… so will be out of the loop this weekend…

(Gillian Wilkinson) #72

I am newish to this forum and I have learnt so much from it. Thank you.

I can’t really comment on whether it needs changing 'cos it all works well for me.

(Florian Creen) #73

The reason why I am an infrequant poster is due to a clique of posters who seem to think that anyone from “outside” has no experience of france, doesn’t speak read or write french ,- therefore can’t possibly know anything.
As for putting a photograph you could put anyones picture up and say its you, the insistance that it helps to “know” who you are talking is a none starter.This is my opinion of coarse take it as you will.

(David Martin) #74

Don’t be long. It was strange here without you. :slight_smile:

(anon71231711) #75

Can you link to any threads that gave you this impression, in particular?

(anon88888878) #76

Yeah - now that’s a good news story!! Have a great weekend - your friends are lucky to have you helping. As we say in the airline world - remember to fit your own oxygen mask before helping others - i.e. don’t forget to look after yourself or you’ll be useless to them! :slight_smile:

(anon88888878) #77

Hummmm - there may not be any Anna but - perception is reality!! :slight_smile:

(Carol Lokocki) #78

@Peter you are modest Peter i am sure you would do a fine job on Survive France you have been here a long time.

(michael archer) #79

And Peter Bird as got dual nationality which makes him ideal for the job.

(Dave Sheriton) #80

There certainly have been times when it has happened although it seems to happen less now. I certainly refrained from asking for advice here on at least one occasion to avoid the situation. I wanted to find an English speaking doctor in Carcassonne, not for me but for guests at Gites in that area who didn’t speak fluent French. The usual reply to such requests were along the lines, as flocreen said, “perhaps you should learn French, why live here if you don’t speak French/want an English doctor”. As I say, it doesn’t happen so much now and neither have I got time to trawl through hundreds of posts to find some, particularly s I am being shouted at to get on and come shopping before lunchtime! :slight_smile:

(Catharine Higginson) #81

Have a lovely weekend and as per my message, please let me know when you might be around next week as I do still want to call and apologise in person! Xx