What do you think?

I have just come across this story and think it is health and safety gone mad. Absolutely crackers.

Come to think of it, crackers will probably be the next thing to be banned...

What do you think?

Thanks for the info Catharine


Re your boys - you think? :)

ps was chatting to H re teaching so will pm you the three other teaching sites that I've had a fair bit of work in from xx

I’m sure my sister in law got asked to do the pr for that and said sorry but, just no :wink: I have seen something similar recently however, and it was to correct the shape of a child’s head after being born because of the position it had taken in the womb. This doesn’t look great but has a very positive purpose, the other is IMO just plain daft. My boys grew up falling onto wooden floorboards= no lasting damage and very few tears!

HAve you seen the latest child saftey invention, its a wear all the time head protection thingy, in case they fall over, will post a link if I can find it again. They are proposing that all kids wear them until 5 years old. As an A+E mate said hes had plenty of kids in with head injuries never from falling over. How do kids learn if they have these levels of protection?

I remember blowing up a balloon and it burst and frightened me so much that I don't do it any more. However, I was never in danger of swallowing it!