What does SFN mean to you?

I turned to my husband the other night and said "there's a question mark over the future of SFN". "What", he said, aghast. My husband is not even a member of SFN (bit computer shy) but over the past few months, I have regaled him with titbits of other people's posts, blogs, and most importantly, the fun in the SFN pub.

Since I joined (back in January so still a relative newbie), I have made good friends, found my rental house, gone to a social get together, got advice, and am to be found most evenings in the SFN pub (well, I AM Irish, so I suppose it's in the genes).

Over the months, I have read about Suzi's move, Sandie's new venture of wine tasting holidays in the Languedoc, Myles and Annette's house move, and many more. Although I have met only a few people in person, I feel I know so many.

Henry and I regularly meet Phil Espley, and also Joanne and Peter Matthews. We met Sandie, Myles and Annette, and Louise Bazille (to name but a few) at a recent meet-up hosted by Sandie.

So would I give a few euro in membership? Yes I would. Without doubt. I can't imagine not being able to log into SFN each day, exchange greetings, and good natured abuse and banter.

Me too! Decided I can survive until the end of the week. So I'm in too now.

Thanks to a bulk repayment from my mutuelle (another reason to have one, but that belongs on another post) I was just able to voluntarily pay my subs...

I agree Carol, but how do you get people to do it. I know James and Catharine don't want to come across as "militant" but I for one would much prefer to "see" whom I'm chatting with.

No, there is nothing and we have not been stopped!! I missed two of the Carcassonne meet-ups as I was back in Dublin for various reasons on both occasions, but one of our members in the Languedoc group, Sandie, is really good at organising get-togethers. She held one last year, and subsequently have had a few informal get-togethers. We had two meet-ups in Toulouse with Stuart Wilson, Karma Morgan and Cate dal Molin. Second time we found we were all staying in the same hotel (pure coincidence). Great fun.

@ Carol "Like"

Sorry back to the meet ups - I'm going to start to organise some up here in Paris. I can't get to the Bordeaux ones easily, but there is nothing to stop regional groups having a party too is there ?

Couldn't agree more, Nick. And I love going to the SFN meet-ups - at first it felt strange, talking face to face with someone you've never met before, but that you already knew a lot about one another through the chats, discussions and blogs. And yes, the profile picture really helps - I believe it is very important and I would love to see a few more black "new member" boxes replaced with faces. Actually, I think you should have to post your profile picture before you can join in discussions, but that's just me. What does anyone else think?

You know Sheila, was thinking about it and one of the things that makes this site so much more than others is the personal touch.

The ability to see people's faces.

That's what I like about SFN

Me three - paid up for a year!! :D

I shall Sheeba

Not sure what's the story about logos or avatars for discussions, Ronaldo. What is the protocol, do you know? Probably best to ask James. But the offer is much appreciated.


You seem to be the champeen here. Do you think a dinky logo-ette would have merit? either for our Avatars, or profile pages? Not wishing to foist.

Hi everyone. Just a quick note to answer those of you that asked about making a voluntary donation to SFN - the link is on the main page just under main banner on the left hand side. I'm happy to say I'm "paid up" for a year, so you're stuck with me for now!

Difficult to put into words how much SFN means but briefly it is somewhere you can get good advice on any number of subjects, get in touch with like-minded people but best of all we have met some great people who have now become good and valued friends. Many thanks and continue the good work.

Thanks Valerie. I will definitly keep you in mind!!

I have discovered that we are all so different to each other

and I/we are finding out why we came here in the first place.

Why we are staying or leaving and what we all want from this French Life.

It is about chatter and natter.
And being honest....making it matter

What a good idea...and it is working so well.


Absolutely. And you'll always be welcome here, Jerry - a spare room awaits.

Keyword for me is simply generosity: with advice or action when needed, with a virtual hug or shoulder, some humor, in contacts etc.

And yes, I would pay for an advertising-free community :-)