What does the panel think ๐Ÿ™‚

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I think we are all going through shit that need never have happened if the US, from the safety of thousands of miles away, hadnโ€™t provoked it.

Meanwhile, having created the Frankenstein China monster through US corporate greedโ€ฆ. Whatsโ€™s next?

Thatโ€™s my earworm for today :notes::musical_note:

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I quite like Rammstein, they did a (real live) porno song a few years ago. They got it spot on with Amerika.
At some stage they will poke the Bear and the Dragon one too many times with a sharp stick and we will all pay the consequences. In the meantime, not sure what any of us mere mortals can do about the corporate gluttony though.

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Stop buying anything made in China?



You are quite right. Just spent โ‚ฌ14 on 2 pairs of socks from Marks & Spencer, they are dreadful leg part so small I could not get my foot in then I see the label in small print made in china. Having shopped at M&S for over 75 yrs no more custom from me.

Trouble is that such is a big ask these days, and not easy to achieve.
We have just taken delivery of a Panasonic combination Microwave / Convection Oven, which of course was made in China, and of course the instruction book was printed there as well.
I suspect that the list of things which are not made in China is considerably shorter than the list of those of Chinese origin.

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Sounds simple @NotALot but very nearly impossible to achieve if you want any electrical item, or small consumable items. But a worthy challenge :fr:

I an ridiculously pleased that a dress I ordered from M&S arrived today, label says โ€˜Made un Lithuaniaโ€™. Not China !_!

As I understand it, M&S are switching all their production out of China.

Not so much Amazon, who now avoids stating the product origin. Big hint in the manufacturerโ€™s name though.

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